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The Waterloo Wellington Regional cancer program logoCancer prevention and screening programs

Cancer prevention and screening are critical components in our regional cancer program’s strategic priorities.

Cancer Care Ontario reports that approximately 50 per cent of cancers are preventable. What you eat, whether you smoke, your level of physical activity and how you spend your time in the sun are all lifestyle choices that can affect your chances of getting cancer and your chances of preventing it.

The Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Network of Waterloo Wellington promotes healthy behaviours, environments and encourages residents to become aware of their risks for developing cancer.

Screening programs
Screening for breast, cervical and colorectal cancers saves lives. Screening is completed for those who do not have any cancer symptoms. The purpose of cancer screening is to detect pre-cancerous changes, or cancer at an early stage.

Ontario offers screening programs for three types of cancer: breast, cervical and colorectal.


Screening Resources for Newcomers and Immigrants
Settlement.org provides newcomers with information that helps them settle in Ontario.  Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) has partnered with Cancer Awareness: Ready for Education and Screening (CARES) and posted information on this site about cancer screening and prevention, which you can view by visiting here and clicking on "Checking for and Preventing Cancer."
Cancer screening video stories and facilitator guides
The video stories features short testimonials of women speaking in their own language about their fears and beliefs related to cancer screening. Four stories are available in Hindi, Mandarin and Bengali. Each story is accompanied by a customized facilitator guide that provides strategies for group educational discussions. To view the video stories, visit www.cancercare.on.ca/newcomers or CCO's YouTube Channel.
Suggestions for using these resources
Please use these resources in your current activities, and share these links on websites as appropriate.
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