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Level two ICU

The level two intensive care unit (ICU) is medical/surgical step-down unit. It provides monitoring to patients whose condition is not critical enough to require a level 3 ICU admission, but are considered unstable or too ill to receive care in a medical/surgical unit.

The level two intensive care unit is located in the B wing on floor five of the hospital’s KW Site, 835 King Street West in Kitchener. You can access the level two ICU from the elevators in the hospital’s main lobby.

Visiting hours
We encourage you to visit. You are very important in the care and recovery of your loved one. Visiting hours are daily from 10:30am to 8:30pm.

Please do not visit if you are feeling unwell or coughing. ICU patients are at risk of infections. If you must visit, we will assist you with wearing a mask.

Should children visit?
Children who are close to the patient may benefit from visiting. A well-planned and supported visit may help a child cope and feel more secure. Parents are generally the best judge of whether a child is ready to visit. If you have concerns, please speak with the care team so that we can support you.

What can I do to help?
Valuables and patient belongings: Please take patient valuables and belongings home with you. We may ask to bring personal items such as slippers, a toothbrush, and hygiene items for your loved one to use.

We also encourage you to review the following intensive care links that may be relevant to families of patients in the level two ICU:
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