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Parking passes at Grand River Hospital

There are times when a patient may need a longer-term stay at either of Grand River Hospital’s (GRH) two largest sites, or much more frequent treatment.

GRH provides special parking in the KW Campus parking garage for patients in the renal program who frequently visit the hospital for kidney care services, oncology (cancer) patients and expectant mothers. These parking stalls are located on the first and second levels of the parking garage. Designated passes for ease of treatment access are required for some of these spots.

We also offer longer term parking passes for parents whose children may have an extended stay in our children’s inpatient facilities or neonatal intensive care unit, as well as family members visiting loved ones receiving care services over a longer period at our Freeport Campus.

Visitor longer-term rates at are KW Campus:
  • Weekly - $40
  • Four weeks - $75
Visitor longer-term rates at the Freeport Campus:
  • Bi-weekly - $23
  • Four weeks - $45
Patient designated parking passes for oncology at the KW Campus:
  • $30 per four weeks
  • $45 for six weeks

Patient designated parking passes for oncology and children's/childbirth programs as well as the Freeport Campus:

  • $30 for four weeks
Patient designated parking passes for renal hemodialysis (three visits per week; multi-year) KW and Freeport campuses:
  • $23 per four weeks

Patient designated parking passes for pulmonary rehabilitation (2 visits per week; multi-year) Freeport Campus:

  • $15 per four weeks

If you are interested in a parking pass for ongoing treatment or longer-term visiting, please contact us at 519-749-4300 ext. 2883 and we'd be pleased to discuss options to help you.

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