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Quality initiatives at Grand River Hospital

Grand River Hospital (GRH) is dedicated to being open and transparent.

Here are a few examples of our external evaluations of quality, and our plans to continuously improve the services we provide to our patients.

Grand River Hospital participates in voluntary accreditation under Accreditation Canada standards. The program is an extensive self-assessment process, which includes a third-party evaluation of our care and services by Accreditation Canada surveyors. Grand River Hospital received Accreditation with Commendation in October 2015. The full report can be accessed here in PDF format.

Laboratory accreditation
GRH Laboratory Services ensures the accuracy and timely turnaround time of all lab tests at both the KW and Freeport sites of Grand River Hospital and our external clients. Our laboratory performs approximately two million lab tests a year, and we employ 150 full- and part-time staff.

We maintain our high standards by our participation in internal and external proficiency programs, and by complying with our accreditation requirements and professional licensing bodies.

The GRH Department of Laboratory Medicine has received its five year Ontario Laboratory Accreditation (see the OLA certificate image in PDF format). OLA is a peer group accreditation of over 500 accreditation requirements based on ISO 15089 standards. This accreditation process supplements lab licensing and is mandatory for all medical laboratories in Ontario.

Quality and patient safety plan 2009-2011
The 2009-11 quality and patient safety plan (available to download in PDF format) builds on past successes and sets out future goals that will ensure the patients’ experience with care is met with respect to access, appropriateness, and safety. The 2009-11 quality and patient safety plan moves us beyond celebration to the next step in the cycle of continuous quality improvement. This report describes the gaps in our performance and sets out the path or priorities for providing better and safer care for our patients.

The 2009-2010 year-end quality and patient safety report (available in PDF format) identifies the progress GRH has made towards achieving the goals established in the 2009-2011 Quality and Patient Safety Plan through the integrated and iterative practices of assessment of performance, goal setting and measurement of performance.
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