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Rehabilitation program

Grand River Hospital’s rehabilitation program offers the majority of its services at the Freeport Site, 3570 King Street East in Kitchener.

The rehabilitation program helps people recovering from a recent illness and/or living with a chronic illness that impacts their independence with their activities of daily living. Our program includes an inpatient unit as well as several outpatient clinics.

Some of our programs are as follows:
General rehabilitation (inpatient): an intensive, short-term inpatient therapy program that aims to increase patients’ independence with activities of daily living, quality of life, and foster their safe return to the community;

Neurorehabilitation and geriatric rehabilitation clinics (outpatient): these services provide short-term individual and/or group rehabilitation therapies for patients aged 16 years and older who are living with impairments related to neurological conditions and/or aging;

Prosthetic and orthotic clinic (outpatient): this clinic provides consultation, assessment, treatment, and follow-up rehabilitation services to individuals with lower limb amputations or complex orthotic needs;

Pulmonary rehabilitation clinic (outpatient): the clinic provides an rehabilitation service for individuals with severe lung disease. This short-term program assists individuals in regaining control of their breathing, learning how to cope with lung problems, and regaining lost energy and strength. Ongoing exercise programs are available to graduates of this program;
Swallowing clinic (outpatient): this clinic offers adults with swallowing concerncs swallowing assessments, videofluoroscopic swallow studies (if needed) and follow-up by speech-language pathology.

Communication technology clinic (outpatient): this rehabilitation team works with adults who require assistance with their functional speech and/or handwriting to meet their everyday communication needs; and

Primary care clinic (outpatient): a primary care nurse practitioner is available for patients who do not have a family physician but require medical follow-up after an acute hospital admission. Patients accepted to this clinic must have a referral and are expected to actively look for a family physician to continue their long-term primary health care needs.
Contact us
If you or someone you know could benefit from the programs we offer and would like more information, we would ask you to speak with your family doctor first as our services are provided based on a physician’s referral.
For general inquiries, you are welcome to call the hospital at 519-749-4300 and dial the following extensions:
  • General rehabilitation- inpatient: extension 8318;
  • Neurorehabitation and geriatric rehabilitation: extension 8340;
  • Prosthetic and orthotic: extension 7309;
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation: extension 7309;
  • Communication technology clinic: extension 7278; and
  • Primary care clinic: extension 7448.
For care providers, we encourage you to visit our page for program descriptions and admissions forms to assist your patients.
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