During the period February 28 to March 23, 2018 at 5:00pm, application packages will be available for those interested in joining the Grand River Hospital's Board of Directors for the appointment of Special Director.

As well, applications will be accepted for individuals interested in supporting the work of a Board Committee as a Community Member. 

This link contains the board application and opens as a PDF.

Information About The Grand River Hospital 

With 600 beds and an operating budget of $350 million, Grand River Hospital (GRH) is one of Ontario’s largest community hospitals and a leader in high-quality care. GRH provides excellent patient-centred care to the over 700,000 residents of Waterloo Wellington. Through innovation and collaboration, GRH has become a leader in the provision of patient care programs for our community. GRH provides health services within 15 specialized programs at our Freeport and Kitchener-Waterloo campuses. The Hospital is fortunate to have the services of 3,400 staff members, 600 professional staff and 1,000 volunteers. GRH is privileged to be a key partner in health sciences learning and has a rapidly growing role in research and in the education of healthcare professionals. We are affiliated with the DeGroote Medical School of McMaster University and we serve as the principal hospital site for the Waterloo Undergraduate Medical Campus. GRH hosts post graduate residency training in a number of medical specialties including psychiatry, emergency medicine, pediatrics, critical care, and internal medicine. The Hospital partners with Conestoga College, Wilfrid Laurier University, McMaster University and the University of Waterloo in the professional education of nurses, social workers, medical physicists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, dieticians and many other health related occupations. GRH also has active research relationships with the University of Waterloo, McMaster University, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Cancer Care Ontario, among others.

The hospital has received recognition as one of the ten safest hospitals in Canada by the Canadian Institute for Health Information and was accredited with commendation by Accreditation Canada for outstanding patient care and safety.

Information About Applying to the Board of Directors as Special Director

During the annual Grand River Hospital (GRH) Board of Directors recruitment process, the GRH Board recruits expertise based on its strategic needs in the coming years.

Starting in 2018, GRH is embarking on several capital projects which will require significant capital financing. To ensure that the Board of Directors will continue to be well equipped with strong expertise to oversee the implementation of these projects and the on-going management of associated strategic financial issues, the Board is recruiting a Special Director with deep experience in strategic oversight of risk management and capital financing. The individual will bring their financial knowledge and insight to support a strategic financial approach to making complex decisions.

GRH posted a call for applications to join our Board earlier this year and the review of the applications thus received is underway to fill other Board/Committee vacancies.  This second posting is the continuation of the 2018 board recruitment process. Applicants who submitted an application prior to the closing date of February 7, 2018 need not reapply.

All applications will be evaluated in accordance with GRH’s Board Recruitment and Succession Planning Policy (4C13) and nomination process.

All expressions of interest are confidential and all complete applications received by March 23, 2018 at 5:00pm will be considered by the Nominations Sub-Committee. To learn more, or to obtain an application package, please contact Catherine Heal, Manager Governance and Corporate Projects by phone at 519-749-4300 extension 6709 or by e-mail at catherine.heal2@grhosp.on.ca  

Grand River Hospital Board Special Director Eligibility Criteria

In addition to the financial experience listed about, candidates should also meet the criteria listed below.

  • Directors must be at least 18 years old;
  • Directors must be either a resident, employee, or carry on a business within the area served by the Corporation for a continuous period of at least three months prior to becoming a member of the Corporation;
  • Individuals with undischarged bankruptcies are ineligible to become a Director; and
  • Other persons excluded from being appointed, or elected, as a Director include: employees and members of the professional staff, except those appointed pursuant to the Public Hospitals Act and family or household members of employees or members of the professional staff as defined in the Corporation and Professional Staff By-laws.

Duties and Expectations of a Grand River Hospital Board Director

  • A Director is expected to commit the time required to perform Board and Committee duties. The minimum time commitment is likely to be between 10-15 hours per month. An example of a schedule of typical Board and Board Committee meetings appears below.
  • Directors and Committee members must attend at least 75% of all meetings; 
  • Directors must fulfill the requirements and responsibilities of their position; for example, preparing for and attending Board and Committee meetings, upholding their fiduciary obligation to the hospital, and working cooperatively and respectfully with other Board members. 
  • Directors must comply with the Public Hospitals Act and other legislation governing the hospital, the hospital's By-laws and policies, and all other applicable rules; and
  • Directors must annually sign a Declaration confirming their agreement to adhere to their fiduciary duties and Board and hospital policies.
  • New members to the Board are required to attend an August orientation session.

Board and Board Committee Meeting Schedule

The following is an example of a general schedule of Board and Board Committee meetings. Directors will be assigned to at least one Board Committee and Board Committee Community Members are assigned to one Board Committee. Assignments are made based on the skills and competencies required by each Committee. Board Directors are expected to attend education sessions, Board meetings and Board Committee meetings to which they are a member. Community Members are expected to attend education sessions and the Board Committee which they support. Board education sessions are scheduled throughout the year. 

Meetings of the Board of Directors

  • Fourth Tuesday of the month starting at 4:00 p.m.; typical duration is 3.5 hours; and there are typically 10 meetings per fiscal year

Meetings of the Audit Committee

  • Four-five 90 minute meetings per fiscal year starting at 7:30 a.m.; scheduled according to Committee member availability and the committee work plan

Meetings of the Governance and Community Engagement Committee

  • Five-six 90 minute meetings per fiscal year starting at 7:30 a.m.; typically the first Thursday of the month

Health Information System Renewal Committee

  • Typically month meetings held the third Monday of the month starting at 5 p.m.

Resources Committee

  • Typically the second Tuesday of the months of September, November, January, February, March, May and June starting at approximately 7:30 or 8:15 a.m.; meetings follow the conclusion of the Pension Committee meeting

Pension Committee

  • Typically three 30-45 minute meetings per fiscal year starting at 7:30 a.m. in the months of September, February and May; meetings are held the same day as the Resources Committee. The Pension Committee is a sub-Committee reporting to the Resources Committee.

Quality and Patient Safety Committee

  • Typically three hour meetings the second Wednesday of the month starting at 3 p.m. in the months of September, October, November, January, February, March, April, May and June

Board Manual Documents

The following policies and documents  provide additional detail regarding roles and responsibilities of Directors and Community Members:

Additional Information

Should you have any questions, or wish to obtain an application package, please contact Catherine Heal by phone at 519-749-4300 extension 6709 or by e-mail at catherine.heal2@grhosp.on.ca

Thank you for your interest in Grand River Hospital.