What is a thoracic diagnostic assessment program (thoracic DAP)?

The thoracic DAP is an innovative joint program between Grand River Hospital’s regional cancer centre and St. Mary’s General Hospital. It is a service which provides coordinated care by a nurse and clerical navigator and is designed to shorten wait times for Waterloo-Wellington region patients with a suspicion of lung cancer. 

The goal of the thoracic DAP team is to provide navigation, assessment and diagnosis of lung cancer at the earliest possible phase of their cancer journey by eliminating many visits to doctors and/ or health care facilities. 

Patients are assessed and offered physical and emotional support, and education by the nurse navigator from the time of a suspected lung cancer to ruling out or being diagnosed. The thoracic DAP provides support to  both the patient and their family members.

Who is on the care team?

The regional thoracic DAP team includes a nurse navigator, clinical secretary, thoracic surgeon and a respirologist. Patients will see all or some of the members of the team as necessary. The physical and emotional needs of patients and their families are handled by many members of the team. 

The team has built a strong relationship with the diagnostic imaging departments of Grand River and St. Mary’s General Hospital to expedite necessary testing. 

Patient cases may be reviewed at a multidisciplinary cancer conference (MCC). These are meetings where a multidisciplinary team (different kinds of doctors) of lung cancer experts meet to  discuss best treatment options.

Where is the thoracic DAP located?

Our regional clinic is located at the cancer centre in the radiation department (3rd floor) at 835 King Street West in Kitchener.

How can I be referred to the thoracic DAP?

You need to be referred by your family physician, nurse practitioner or a physician at a walk-in clinic following an abnormal chest x-ray. Your doctor will be asked to order a CT chest scan at the same time as submitting the thoracic DAP referral form.  

Referring physicians, visit our referral page for more information and a referral form.