Patient Orientation
Please call 519-749-4370 ext. 5773 or email to register for a session.

  • Resources available at the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre and throughout the community
  • How to prepare for your first clinic appointment

Note: Sessions do not run in July or August

Coping with Cancer
Third Wednesday of the month 11:00 – 12:00 noon (June 21, 2017; August 2, 2017)

  • Introduction to the emotional, psychological, physical, and practical issues faced by people diagnosed with cancer
  • Tips, supports, and resources available to help you cope

The Financial Cost of Cancer: Exploring Possibilities
First Wednesday of the month 11:00 – 12:00pm (June 7, 2017; July 5, 2017; August 2, 2017)

  • Overview of income maintenance programs and drug coverage options that may be available
  • Applications for benefits will be available at workshop

Healthy Eating
Workshop 1: Maintaining Weight for Wellness (ON HOLD)
First Wednesday of the month 10:00 - 11:00am

  • The benefits of good nutrition during cancer treatment
  • Protein, carbohydrates and fat in a well-balanced diet
  • Maintaining a healthy weight during treatment
  • Tips to help you eat when you don’t feel like eating

Workshop 2: Current Trends in Nutrition
Second Wednesday of the month 10:00 - 11:00am

  • Increase understanding of the role of nutrition through review of the latest scientific data available
  • Controversial aspects of nutrition, such as antioxidant vitamins – are they helpful or harmful during treatment?
  • Specific foods and nutrients to be discussed include: green tea, soy, omega 3 fats, vitamin D, fruit and vegetables

Workshop 3: Breast Cancer & Nutrition “What You Should Know”
Third Wednesday of the month 9:30 - 11:00am (June 21, 2017; July 19, 2017; August 16, 2017)

  • Increase knowledge related to the role of nutrition and breast cancer
  • Provide suggestions for dietary changes that may help in the
  • prevention and/or recurrence of breast cancer
  • Topics covered: healthy eating, healthy weights, supplements, alcohol, physical activity, phytoestrogens, organic foods, calcium and vitamin D

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