Grand River Hospital has made further changes to protect our staff, physicians, and patients byasking that family and friends refrain from visiting patients. There will be very few exceptions made for some visitors and caregivers.

Exceptional circumstance criteria include:

  • Compassionate grounds for patients who are dying
  • Partners of women in labour
  • Individuals providing care to a patient who would otherwise be at risk if the personal caregiver was not available (eg. infants, children, other dependents)

If you have questions, please connect with your loved one’s care team for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some frequently asked questions we’ve received. We will continue to add to this list.

Am I required to wear a mask when I enter the hospital?

Yes. All patients and designated visitors and caregivers, and staff and physicians who work in care areas are required to wear masks when they enter the hospital, and in clinical areas where physical distancing is not possible.

I have a surgery and was told to arrange for a family or friend to drive me home. Can they come into the hospital with me?

No. Staff will call your ride to let them know that you are ready and arrange a time to meet at the main entrance. Surgery staff will bring patients to the main entrance and outside the hospital where your ride will be waiting.


With the new Covid 19 restrictions who’s allowed to be with the mother during childbirth?

Expectant mothers are allowed one (1) designated support person that is healthy.

Is my midwife allowed and my husband?

Whether you have a doctor or a midwife, he or she is your health care provider and you are still allowed your 1 designated support person.

Please note: Doulas will not be permitted in the hospital unless chosen as the designated support person by the patient.

Would my mom and my husband be allowed to switch back and forth as my designated support person?

You are allowed 1 designated support person for your entire hospital stay with no switching out. No other visitors will be permitted into the hospital. We also ask that you please plan ahead and bring everything to the hospital that the both of you will need for your entire stay to reduce the amount of times people come back and forth through the hospital. 

What happens if my designated support person is sick/fails the screening? 

They will not be permitted in the hospital. They will need to stay home and a healthy individual may be your support person. 

What happens if I’m sick?

You will be cared for in isolation in the hospital.

Am I required to wear a mask while giving birth?

Yes. All staff, patients, and designated caregivers are now required to wear a mask while in hospital. If you are unable to keep your mask on while giving birth, your care team will need to apply additional personal protective equipment. 

Where can I get more information about having a baby at GRH?

Please visit our Childbirth program webpage. 

Paying a bill

I need to pay a hospital bill. How do I do this if I am not allowed into the hospital?

Our patient accounts office in the Kaufman Building is now closed. Please contact our patient accounts team at the following numbers to arrange payment or for general inquiries:

General Inquires: Ext 2352

Payments by Credit Card: Ext 7082

Payment Arrangements: Ext 3718