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Choosing a hospital room after your baby is born
The childbirth program at Grand River Hospital’s KW Site has three types of patient rooms available:
  • Ward rooms (covered under OHIP);
  • Semi-private rooms ($215 per day); and
  • Private rooms ($250 per day).
Many patients have coverage for semi-private and private rooms through their extended health benefits. Please read carefully to make sure you choose the room you’d like.
During labour and delivery, you’ll have a private birthing room at no charge. After you give birth and until you’re discharged from hospital, you may move to the room of your choice (depending on availability).
If you choose a semi-private or private room, the cost of the preferred room will start after the birth of your baby, even if you remain in your birthing room.
Please choose your preferred accommodation on the request section of the pre-admit form. We’ve included this form in your pre-admission package. When choosing a preferred room:
  • Please find out your available coverage from your insurance carrier (EG: 100 per cent of the per-day rate, or a lesser amount). The benefit booklet supplied by your employer (or your partner’s employer) may provide this information; or
  • Check ward coverage if you are unsure or can’t confirm your insurance coverage.
If you have no insurance coverage but choose a private or semi room, the hospital will send you a bill for the room charges by mail after you’re discharged. You may also receive a bill for any amount that your insurance won’t pay such as a deductible.
When you’re admitted, you can change your room coverage by completing a new pre-admit form. For example:
  • If you confirm your insurance coverage before you come to the hospital and had earlier selected a ward room, we can upgrade your room after the birth of your child; or
  • If you want to downgrade the room you will stay in after your child is born, we can accommodate you.
We will do our best to place you in the type of room you request as it becomes available. Given the high number of births at our hospital (over 4,300 babies every year) this may not always be possible.
If you require more information regarding your accommodations, please contact our patient accounts department at 519-749-4300 extension 2352.
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