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GRH organizational development: educational services and employee resources

GRH’s organizational development department believes the personal and professional development of hospital staff is an investment in our future.

Our programs and services help individuals, groups, teams and the organization to enhance skills, knowledge and practices. We also believe development is a shared responsibility and requires collaboration between staff, managers and our overall hospital.

We want to provide easy access to several internal services of benefit to you. You can use these links to access various employee services off-site or from your home:
  • A link to our Learning Management System (LMS);
  • Detailed information around the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP); and
  • Instructions for accessing our employee Intranet and Outlook email system at your convenience from home.
The Learning Management System (LMS)
GRH’s Learning Management System (LMS) supports learning at the hospital. It has many advantages and benefits that support employees. This system makes learning more user-friendly by having online courses, tests and surveys available at any time, accessible from within the hospital or from your home.

The LMS provides GRH with a way to create and deliver our own content, courses, tests and surveys.

This link will take you to GRH's Learning Management System (LMS). Your nine–digit employee number is your user ID and password which are required. Please call 519-749-4300 extension 3799 if you don’t know your employee number.

Our organization development team was proud to win the workplace training award at the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce’s 2010 Business Excellence Awards for our work to identify needed training to promote skills, knowledge and safety in the organization.

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
Grand River Hospital and the GRH Foundation are pleased to provide tuition support to help GRH employees in reaching their professional development goals.

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) provides eligible full-time and regular part-time employees a portion and/or all of their tuition expenses for qualifying educational courses. This is offered as part of GRH’s ongoing effort to improve the advancement of the knowledge and skills of our employees.

Detailed information regarding TAP can be found in our brochure and policy. Please click to access a Word file of GRH's TAP application form.

The TAP brochure is available in Microsoft Word Format.

The TAP policy is available in Microsoft Word format.

For a complete listing of organizational development services please see our organizational development page on GRH’s Intranet.
Accessing the Intranet from home
GRH’s Intranet can provide a number of resources for you to access at home, such as your employee pay-stub and leave balance information and details from hospital programs and services.

Here are the steps you need to access the Intranet:
  1. Open your internet browser;
  2. Type https://ssl.grhosp.on.ca/ into the browser’s address bar;
  3. Enter your user name and password. (This is your network login information that you use to access other hospital systems); and
  4. Click on Intranet.

Once in our Intranet site, you will use your user ID and password for accessing hospital resources or personal information such as your pay stubs.  Always make sure to never leave a computer logged into the Intranet. Log-out and clear your browser’s cache as further security steps.

Please contact Helpdesk if you experience problems logging in at ext. 2762.

Accessing Outlook from home
Grand River Hospital offers remote access into our Outlook email system. This can help you check your email from home or if you’re on another computer.
  1. Open your internet browser;
  2. Type http://owa.grhosp.on.ca/ into the browser’s address bar. This will bring you to the Outlook web access page;
  3. Log on using your network username and password that you use normally inside the hospital; and
  4. Once you have signed into Outlook Web Access, you can click on “Help” to receive written documentation to assist you with managing your email

Again, make sure to never leave an external computer logged into the Outlook web access system. When you’re done using the system, log-out and clear your browser’s cache as further security steps.

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