Posted: May 3, 2016

A family of ducks is splashing away in their new home in the GRH healing garden following a skillful rescue by GRH’s facilities staff.

GRH’s information services staff became aware of the family living deep within a window well by the hospital’s Kaufman building. There would have been no way for the 13 ducklings to get out of window well without help due to its depth of nearly 20 feet.

Ray and Doug from facilities stepped into action. They’ve rescued all sorts of wildlife around the hospital. They put their expertise to work to help this mallard family.

With a combination of two nets, Ray and Doug brought the ducklings and the mother up to the main healing garden space. Once re-united, the ducklings made straight for the garden’s water pond. Crews are now adding more water to the pond to allow the ducklings easier access.

You’re welcome to enjoy the healing garden and view its winged occupants. The garden is located in between GRH’s regional cancer centre and the hospital’s Kaufman building. It's open from dawn to dusk.

A stairwell is available from the KW Campus main driveway loop. An accessible entrance is available from the Kaufman building, with an additional automated door coming soon from the cancer centre.

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