Posted: June 20, 2017
Helen Dickson Portrait

Registered nurse Helen Dickson is a shining example of how GRH’s Freeport Campus works to restore health and quality of life.

Helen has won GRH’s latest individual award of excellence for her compassionate care and mentoring of new staff.

Helen works in Grand River Terrace Four, which provides care for older adults and others with cognitive and neuro-behavioral health needs. She has worked at GRH for more than 20 years.

Helen was recognized for meeting the hospital’s five values:

Compassion: Helen demonstrates exceptional compassion when caring for patients and their families.  Helen works with passion, a gentle touch and a smiling face. She always lets patients know that she is there for them to feel better.  She is kind towards everyone; she is an amazing nurse.  She is an asset for the unit and for Grand River Hospital.

Collaboration: Helen is always willing to teach and share her knowledge. She is a good listener for coworkers, patients and families. Helen is always there for whoever needs support.

Positive attitude: Helen inspires her colleagues in all aspect, and is a role model for everyone.  Her positive attitude is a great addition to her character.

Professionalism: Helen exemplifies professionalism when providing holistic and person-centered care.  Helen is generous with her time, knowledge and skills to ensure every patient under her care receives highest quality of care.

Respect: Helen always adjusts with changes. She always tries to make a difference in her patients' lives.  She welcomes new staff with great support and provides a fantastic orientation.

Her nominator added, “Helen has been working here for long time.  She is a real inspiration for young new nurses, very eager to learn new things every day.  She has good communication skills and is a great team player. She respects each and every one of us. I am so lucky to be her co-worker.”

Thank you Helen for your outstanding contributions to patients and your fellow care providers!

Helen Dickson Group
Helen's colleagues congratulate her on her award of excellence win.