Posted: May 29, 2017
Art Donation May 29 2017
The art work contributed by Planned Lifetime Networks of Waterloo Region

GRH is pleased to mark Speech and Hearing Awareness Month in May, and we welcome a new art display at our Freeport Campus helping to celebrate the month’s importance.

The team at Freeport’s communication technology clinic (CTC) helps maximize the functional communication of individuals with communication impairments. Communication is a basic human right. When it is impaired it can lead to social isolation. Augmentative and alternative communication technology can help rebuild that very necessary connection with others.

We thank the Planned Lifetime Networks (PLN- opens in a new tab) for a recent art display in our clinic. PLN donated and displayed work created this year in CTC’s main assessment room.

PLN believes in creating lifetimes of choice, voice, trust and safety for healthy relationships. A PLN program involves building friendships between people by doing art together, which led to the creation of this artwork.