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Our leadership team
To contact a member of our leadership team please phone 519-749-4300 and enter the required extension.







Vice president, cancer and diagnostic services

Associate vice president, cancer services
Judy Burns

Mark Berry
Ext. 5710

Ext. 5710

Chief of oncology

Dr. Carolyn Campbell

Ext. 5262

Program director, systemic therapy and inpatient oncology

Donna Van Allen

Ext. 5737

Program director, radiation treatment

Deanna Wright

Ext. 5716

Program director, ambulatory oncology clinics and community oncology

Kim Robinson

Ext. 5742

Clinical manager, DAPs and ICS 

Barbara-Anne Maier


Medical director, systemic therapy

Dr. Greg Knight

Ext. 5715

Medical director, radiation therapy

Dr. Ramana Rachakonda

Ext. 5489

Interim medical director, surgical oncology

Dr. Matthew Kilmurry


Regional head, palliative care program

Dr. Ahmed Jadka

Ext. 5491

Head of physics

Ernest Osei

Ext. 5708

Clinical trials manager

Carla Girolametto

Ext. 2307

Regional coordinator, integrated screening programs

Lori Temple

Ext. 6965

Coordinator, cancer prevention and early detection

Ted Mavor

Ext. 2375
Manager, GRRCC Finance Courtney Reid Ext. 3553

Communications officer

Anna Hewat





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