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Protecting your privacy
GRH is dedicated to ensuring that individuals have a right to access and correct personal health information and personal information pertaining to them*. The rights to access are supported by provincial legislation, including The Personal Health Information Protection Act and The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
The cornerstone of the privacy and access office's data protection strategy is the ten principles of the Canadian Standards Association's Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information (CAN/CSA-Q830-96), which was published in March 1996 as a national standard of Canada.
* Subject to certain exemptions and exclusions as stipulated in PHIPA/FIPPA

How the privacy and access office protects your privacy:
  • Random checks are completed regularly to ensure that your personal health information is only viewed by people who need to provide care to you.
  • We make every effort to keep your personal health information/personal information as correct as possible. If you believe your information is not correct please let us know and we will review it.
  • We will look into any problems you may have with our privacy practices and take action to address your concerns. You may also complete a complaint form (in Microsoft Word format) and send it in to the privacy and access office.
  • Contact the privacy and access office for more information about withdrawing or withholding your consent as it relates to your personal health information.
Protecting/accessing/correcting your personal health information:
Personal health information is any information in any form - electronic, written, verbal, etc. - about an identifiable person. This includes information that is specifically health related, such as a person's medical condition or prescription medications, as well as information which is not always considered directly related to a person's health, such as his/her name, address, telephone number, or health insurance number. It also includes genetic information and blood and tissue samples.
If you would like to make a request to access or correct your personal health information please visit our release of medical information page, or download our privacy pamphlet in Adobe PDF format to find out more about the ways the privacy and access office protects your personal health information.
Protecting/accessing/correcting your personal information:
Personal information is recorded information about an identifiable individual, including:
  • the individual's name,
  • the individual's home address, home telephone number, facsimile or email address,
  • information about the individual's age, sex, sexual orientation, marital or family status,
  • information about the individual's ancestry, race, colour, nationality, or national or ethnic origin,
  • information about the individual's religion or creed, or religious belief, association or activity,
  • personal health information about the individual, the individual's blood type, fingerprints or other hereditary characteristics,
  • information about the individual's political belief, association or activity,
  • information about the individual's education, employment or occupation, or educational, employment or occupational history,
  • information about the individual's source of income or financial circumstances, activities or history,
  • information about the individual's criminal history, including regulatory offences,
  • the individual's own personal views or opinions, except if they are about another person,
  • the views or opinions expressed about the individual by another person, and an identifying number, symbol or other particular assigned to the individual.
If you would like to make a request to access or correct your personal information, please visit our release of personal information page.
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