Grand River Hospital will recover costs incurred in the process of participating in research through departmental impact fees (direct costs) and overhead fees (indirect costs).

Hospital overhead

Hospital overhead covers expenditures that are generally related to such items as human resources, financial services, research services, legal services, office services and supplies (computer, paper, fax machines, phones), utilities (heating, air conditioning, hydro) and environmental services.

Departmental impact costs

Departmental impact costs are those costs incurred by departments within Grand River Hospital that are readily identifiable as specific expenses that are over and above standard of care and standard business operations arising from research activities, which include the following (but not limited to):

  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Laboratory services such as sample analysis, storage, processing and/or transfer
  • Pharmacy services
  • Health records chart abstraction
  • Health records chart retrieval
  • Additional workload (e.g. clinical assessments, data collection, data entry)

Each research study application must identify the planned direct costs of the study and contain sufficient information for establishing an acceptable agreement between the hospital and the researcher.

All monies required for a research study including direct and indirect costs must be included in the study budget.

The process related to the exchange of funds between the researcher and the hospital must be outlines within a research agreement document.


The fee schedule for direct costs is found in Appendix A below.

The fee applicability table below describes the overhead fee payment requirements for research, based on the source of funding:

Study funding source

Departmental impact (direct costs)

Overhead (indirect costs)

Publicly funded organizations



Not-for-profit agency






Ministry of Health and Long Term Care



Industry sponsored



Hospital overhead costs are recovered at a rate of 30 per cent of the planned budget for direct costs.

Payment Schedule:

Research budgetOverhead fee (30%) totalPayment terms
Total Local Study Budget Less than or equal to $49,999Less than or equal to $1499Negotiable
Total Local Study Budget greater than or equal to $50,000 Greater than or equal to $1500- $1500 due upon Administrative Approval
- Balance  of overhead fee payment – payment terms to be negotiated

The Research Committee will consider approvals of research studies where there are direct and indirect costs but no identified source of funds, on a case-by-case basis.

Research ethics board (REB) fees are to be paid directly to the REB separate from the hospital research fees.

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Appendix A: Research Fee Schedule

Research Policy (ADM-A-3200)

Date of First Issue:

September 2, 2014

Developed by: 

Tina Mah

Vice President, Research and Innovation

Carla Girolametto

Manager, Research

Date of Last Review/Revision:

September 27, 2017

Approved by: Malcolm Maxwell

President and CEO

Any PRINTED version of this document is only accurate up to the date printing. Always refer to the intranet Policies and Procedures for the most current version of the document.

This material was prepared solely for use at Grand River Hospital (GRH). GRH accepts no responsibility for use of this material by any person or organization not associated with GRH. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form for publication without permission of GRH.

Appendix A

Research Fee Schedule

Health Records:

Research typeAnnual administrative fee

Fee per health record pulled/accessed*

Fee per page for photocopying and/or printing information

Internal research without funding




Internal research funded externally

1 record: $25.00

5 records or less: $50.00

More than 5 records: $200.00

Paper stored on-site: $10.00

Paper stored off-site: $12.00

Health Information Systems including CDs: $10.00

Microfilm: $12.00

PACS Access:

Setup and training costs per user: $100

Annual fee: $100 for up to 100 patients

Paper/ Microfilm/ Health Information Systems including CDs:

$1.00 per page

External research

Approved SFTP usage: fees are the same as per chart pull or copying of CD

Reports generated through the decision support department are charged at $50.00 /hour plus administration fee

Institute for clinical and evaluative sciences (ICES)


Stored on site:


Stored off site:

-case-by-case basis

12 charts or less:

Minimum fee of $50.00

$0.25 per page

*An additional $10.00 fee will apply per health record required to be pulled/accessed more than once.

An additional $2.00 fee will apply per health record required to be pulled/accessed in excess of 50 per week.

The patient documentation, specimen collection, and each test fee is calculated by multiplying the individual LMS Unit value by $0.517

To access the online version, visit schedule of laboratory fees (opens in new window) page.

The schedule of benefits professional and technical fees are charged for each performed procedure. In addition, a CD burning fee of $20 will be charged per case.

To access the online version visit the schedule of benefits (opens in new window) page.