Gran River Hospital received the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario’s Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) designation in 2012. 

The designation recognizes the hospital’s work to put in place the latest evidence-based practices to ensure the highest quality care for patients and families.

GRH has implemented 19 best practice guidelines. These guidelines bring the latest evidence in patient care into day-to-day practice, helping improve outcomes, quality of care and comfort for patients and families.

To date, GRH has implemented the following guidelines:

  • Assessment and device selection for vascular access
  • Assessment and management of pain
  • Caregiving strategies for older adults with delirium, dementia and depression
  • Screening for delirium, dementia and depression
  • Developing and sustaining effective staffing and workload practices
  • Embracing cultural diversity in health care: developing cultural competence
  • Establishing therapeutic relationships
  • Integrating smoking cessation into daily nursing practice
  • Nursing care of dyspnea: the 6th vital sign
  • Prevention of falls and fall injuries in the older adult
  • Professionalism in nursing
  • Assessment and care of adults at risk for suicidal ideation and behaviour
  • Reducing foot complications for people with diabetes
  • Assessment and management of stage i to iv pressure ulcers
  • Workplace health, safety and well-being of the nurse
  • Promoting safety: alternative approaches to the use of restraints
  • Interventions for postpartum depression
  • Promoting continence using prompted voiding
  • Care transitions

GRH is committed to its annual BPSO designation renewal through actively engaging nurses to take the lead in contributing to GRH evidence-based nursing practice and care. Our ongoing focus is on sustaining and enhancing our current BPGs, as well as implementing additional BPGs.

Thank you to all interdisciplinary team members and leaders at GRH who help maintain the best standards of care for patients. For more information on the BPSO standards, please visit http://rnao.ca/bpg/bpso (opens in a new window).