See recent redevelopment successes at GRH

GRH’s new Acute Care of our Elders (ACE) unit – KW Campus

The physical environment for older adults with health problems is an important element in promoting safety, minimizing functional decline and mitigating adverse social and medical outcomes. Renovations to the 12 bed unit included:

  • Lighting changes in patient rooms, washrooms and the main corridor
  • Installing handrails that contrast in colour with the walls
  • Painting walls using warm colours which are easier for older adults to see
  • Modifying washroom doors to be more accessible
  • Installing raised toilets
  • Modifying the patient shower to be more accessible
  • Adding a patient dining and kitchenette space
  • Making the unit secure

This project was completed in early February 2015.

Main Lobby – KW Campus

This project which was completed in 2015 included renovations and/or relocation of Tim Hortons, the gift shop, the cafeteria, the front lobby and corridor, and the freight elevator. This phase also includes the replacement of the revolving front door and the installation of sprinklers.

This project created an environment that is welcoming, accessible, while still addressing operational efficiency, safety and security, infection prevention and control, and sustainability.

Waterloo Wellington Breast Centre Renovations - Freeport Campus

This project provided space for an additional mammography unit bringing the number of machines at the centre to three which will cut wait times.

Inpatient pharmacy – KW Campus

Renovations to the pharmacy department addressd noise, congestion, and ventilation concerns and allow us to provide safe and effective care to our patients.

This is a five-phase project is now complete.

Neonatal intensive care unit sinks – KW Campus

The sinks, counters and related mill-work were replaced to improve infection control for some of our youngest patients. Repairs to the floor were also completed. This project finished in April 2016.

Accessible washroom – outpatient mental health

This project is in line with GRH's commitment to remove accessibility barriers. This involved renovating an existing washroom to make it accessible.

Replacement of fourth radiation treatment machine – KW Campus

In December 2015, renovations to one of our bunkers was completed which allowed for the installation of a replacement linear accelerator to provide radiation therapy.

Addition of a second CT Simulator – KW Campus: completed in 2017

To facilitate maximum use of the existing radiation treatment resources, an additional CT simulator was required. Construction for and the installation of the second CT simulator are now taking place.

Addition of fifth radiation treatment machine – KW Campus: completed in 2017

The Grand River Hospital's regional cancer centre added a fifth treatment unit to support anticipated growth in demand

Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund (HIRF)

Hospitals are responsible for planning infrastructure renewal activities to ensure that their facilities are in a good state of repair. Recognizing the need for the renewal of health care infrastructure, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) created the HIRF program. This program is intended to supplement a hospital’s existing renewal program and to help address renewal needs on a priority basis. Annually the Ministry determines the HIRF allocation for all public hospitals in Ontario.

GRH allocated one-time funding approval for the following projects (among others) in 2015-2016. All the projects were completed in the 2015-2016 fiscal year:

Driveway repairs – Freeport Campus

This project involved the replacement of asphalt including Parking Lot “O” as well as the main entrance areas.

Brickwork repairs – Freeport Campus

This project involved the replacement of the deteriorating brick on the courtyard knee planter walls and some exterior walls.

Sidewalk repairs – Freeport Campus

This project involved the replacement of walkways that are aged and cracking.

Roof replacement – Freeport Campus

This project involved the roof replacement on two of the out buildings (Old Powerhouse and the Gas Hut).

Installation of refrigerant leak detector – Freeport Campus

This project involved the installation of a refrigerant leak detector in the chiller room.

Lighting and lighting panel replacement – outpatient mental health

This project involved the replacement of lighting panels and exterior lights.

Window replacement – outpatient mental health

This project involved the first phase of the replacement of windows at 850 King Street.

Window replacement -- Freeport Campus

This project involved the first phase of a larger window replacement project.

Floor replacement -- Freeport Campus

This project involved the first of a multi-phase replacement of worn flooring.