About the Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program

Regional Program Locations

There are 7 locations that make up the WWRCP:

  1. Grand River Regional Cancer Centre (regional cancer centre attached to Grand River Hospital)
  2. Cambridge Memorial Hospital
  3. St. Mary's General Hospital
  4. Guelph General Hospital
  5. Groves Memorial Community Hospital
  6. North Wellington Health Care
    1. Louise Marshall Hospital
    2. Palmerston District Hospital
Lhin Map
Community Oncology (cancer) Clinics in Waterloo Wellington

Care Closer to Home

For anyone who has lived with cancer, or has supported a friend or loved one with cancer, you know the toll that the illness can carry. The added burden that comes from travelling to and from visits to your health care team is large and sometimes hard to manage.

Community cancer clinics across the region allow patients to get some of their cancer care or treatment closer to where they live.

We care for patients with a variety of cancers, but due to the complexity of certain cancers, some patients may be asked to go to another cancer centre.

Good things about care closer to home:

  • Quicker access to health care
  • Shorter trips to and from appointments/visits
  • Feeling more familiar staying within or near your own community
  • Overall better quality of life for you, your family and/or your care partners