What is psychosocial oncology?

Psychosocial oncology is a group of different health care providers that help to provide support and services to cancer patients. This includes:

Our program offers a range of support to you and your care partners from the time of diagnosis, through to the end of your treatment. You can ask a member of your health care team for information about the services and resources available.

The supportive care program includes:

  • Social work (SW)
  • Registered dietitian (RD)
  • Spiritual care
  • Music therapy
  • Psychiatry
Social worker (SW)

Social workers work with patients, family members and significant others to provide support, counselling and advice about available community supports. They can also help patients explore financial supports that are available, including income resources and coverage for prescription medications.

Registered Dietitian (RD)

Registered dietitians provide nutrition information and education to patients and their families, helping patients to improve and maintain their strength and energy, stay at a healthy weight and manage the side effects of their treatment.

Spiritual care provider

Care for one’s spirit is an important part of any journey. Spiritual care involves all faith traditions, as well as accompanying individuals whose journey does not include a faith community.

For more detail, please visit our spiritual care page.

Music therapist

Music can provide care and comfort, improve feelings of well-being, and assist in processing the emotional impacts of cancer. The music therapist works with outpatients, inpatients and family members to support them through their cancer using instruments, singing, songwriting, music listening, and relaxation, either at bedside or in the outpatient clinic.

Let’s hear what you had to say! Patients and staff participated in an interactive and collaborative songwriting project that created three heartfelt songs. Listen to them now: