Will Everyone Get Treatment?

Not everyone who comes to the cancer centre will have treatment. Your Oncologist (cancer doctor) will talk with you about whether treatment for your cancer is no best option. Some of the Oncologists who work at the cancer centre also specialize in non-cancer diagnoses (e.g. blood diseases that are not cancer). If you have questions about your diagnosis ask your health care team.

If you are diagnosed with cancer, you may be offered treatment such as:

Treatment TypeMethods
Intravenous (IV or into your vein)
Oral (pill form)
ImmunothaerpyOral (pill form)
Intravenous (IV or into your vein)
Radiation TherapyIn a radiation treatment room high energy rays (like an x-ray) will be sent into the tumor cells.
SurgeryUsed to diagnose, stage, treat symptoms, or cure. Surgery methods are different depending on the type of cancer you have.

Tracking Symptoms
More information and how to track symptoms.