Being a specialized service, the emergency department (ED) visitor guidelines are specific to the needs of the department and to the patient populations. With your permission, the visitor who accompanies you can act as the contact person to communicate and relay information to other family members and friends.

  • Pediatric patients: one care partner per patient, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Learn more about visiting restrictions during COVID-19.
  • Adult patients: one visitor per patient is the recommended guideline. However at times the patient may not feel well enough to receive visitors and in these circumstances visiting may be further limited to best meet the needs of the patient.
  • Critical care patients: emergency department patients who are very ill or injured may receive visits from immediate family, as your condition permits. The number of visitors and length of visit permitted is at the discretion of the ED medical and nursing staff.
When you shouldn’t visit:

There are times when you should delay a visit to the hospital to protect your own health and safety and that of our patients and staff.

Please do not visit if you feel unwell with a cold, fever, vomiting or diarrhea or other contagious symptoms. Go home, take care of yourself and come back after you’ve been symptom free for at least two days if your family member or loved one remains in hospital.