COVID-19 vaccine

Grand River Hospital, in partnership with the Region of Waterloo Vaccine Task Force, hosts one of the Region of Waterloo's COVID-19 vaccine clinics.

The vaccine is currently in Phase 1 of distribution; it is not available to the general public. Vaccines are available by appointment only, and only to people included in Phase 1:

  • residents, staff, essential caregivers, and other employees of congregate living settings that provide care for seniors (long-term care homes and retirement homes)
  • health care workers
  • adults in First Nations, Metis and Inuit populations
  • adult chronic home care recipients

For more information about vaccines for the general public, please click here to visit the Region of Waterloo Public Health website.

How will I be notified if I have the opportunity to get the vaccine at the GRH clinic?

If you are given the opportunity to get the vaccine at the GRH clinic, you will be contacted by your organization or by public health. They will provide you with an information package by your organization or by public health. This information package will tell you how to get to the clinic, what to bring with you, and what to expect once you arrive.

I got the first vaccine dose at GRH. When is my second appointment?

Your second dose appointment is written on your vaccination receipt **but is subject to change**. You will receive a confirmation of your correct appointment date:

  • GRH staff and physicians: please check your Grand River Hospital email address, or the address on file with the Chief of Staff office, for your appointment confirmation
  • Healthcare workers from long term care, retirement homes, or hospitals – someone from your organization, or from Region of Waterloo Public Health, will contact you with your appointment confirmation.

Now that I have the vaccination, do I still need to wear a mask?

Yes. It’s important to continue wearing a mask:

  • You are not fully immune until seven days after the second dose.
  • The vaccines are 94-95% effective. This means that approximately 5% of people who receive the vaccine will still be susceptible to infection.
  • Even if you have been vaccinated, you could still carry the virus to those who are not vaccinated yet.

Maintaining control practices in the hospital, and public health recommendations out in public (such as masking and physical distancing) is still incredibly important.

Once I get the vaccine, am I allowed to go visit my friends/family?

Not unless they are already part of your household. Everyone must continue to follow government and public health directives and guidelines; no indoor gatherings with people outside your household, limited outdoor gatherings, and adhere to the mask bylaw in the community.

There is insufficient data to suggest that the vaccine prevents asymptomatic infection or reduces transmission, which means that even though you’ve been vaccinated, you could still carry COVID-19 and pass it to someone who hasn’t been vaccinated, although you may not get sick.


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