On March 19, Ontario hospitals were asked to stop or reduce non urgent surgeries and outpatient services where possible to be able to dedicate all efforts to COVID care.

Some of these restrictions have recently been lifted. Since June 15, we have started to re-open surgery and some outpatient clinics, slowly and carefully.

With much success, we are moving forward with the next phase to begin re-opening more clinics for in-person appointments where needed. Below is a list of clinics that have already re-opened slowly, and the next group of clinics that will begin to open the week of August 17:

Clinics that are open: providing virtual and in-person care:Clinics that will begin to provide in-person care starting August 17:
Bundled care clinic
Cystic Fibrosis Clinic
Gyne Laser
Holter Monitoring
Juvenile Diabetes Clinic
Medical Imaging (urgent and patient support exams)
Medical Imaging (increased exams)
Neuro Rehabilitation Clinic
Ontario Breast Screening and Mammography
Physical Medicine and Rehab
Prosthetic and Orthotic Clinic
Rapid Addictions Assessment Centre
Secondary Stroke Prevention Clinic and urgent Neurology
Swallowing Clinic
Guelph and KW Renal clinics including Multi Care Renal Clinic
Pulmonary Function Testing
Cancer Outpatient Clinics
Mental Health outpatient services for adults and children
Preschool Diagnostic Program
Young Adult Program - Mental Health

While we open these clinics, we are also planning for the next group of clinics to re-open. We are re-opening gradually so that we can ensure that we have the space, staff, medications and personal protective equipment that we need to support each surgery and clinic, and care that is being provided in other areas of the hospital.

The clinic where I receive care is not on this list? When will mine re-open?

We will continue to assess how we can increase the services that we provide, safely. Updates will be provided here on our website, and through our social media channels. Also, as clinics re-open, staff will contact patients directly.

Most clinics have still been providing care virtually. We will continue to do this where possible and have put in place other processes to support health and wellness of those who need to come to the hospital, including physical distancing.

I have an appointment at a hospital clinic. Can my friend/family accompany me?

No, not unless your situation is considered an “exceptional circumstance”. Most clinic area spaces are smaller and cannot easily support additional people and physical distancing. If you feel your case is an “exceptional circumstance”, you must make arrangements with the clinic you are visiting before your scheduled appointment.

I am waiting for surgery. What happens next?

Local surgeons are booking surgeries with the hospital and contacting patients by phone. Cases will be booked starting with:

1. Cancer and other urgent cases, then

2. Surgeries that were booked, but cancelled because of COVID-19, and then

3. By using surgery wait lists.

If you have questions about when your surgery will be, please reach out to your surgeon’s office directly.

I am booked for my surgery. What happens next?

Once your surgeon has contacted you about a date for your surgery:

1. You may be asked to attend a pre-surgical appointment with the hospital either in person – or virtually/over the phone.

2. Your surgeon will ask you to limit physical contact with others as much as possible for the two weeks leading up to your surgery. This is to limit your exposure to illness and ensure you are healthy to proceed with your surgery.

3. 48-72 hours before your surgery, you will be contacted and screened for COVID-19 over the phone.

4. You will receive a time to arrive at the hospital; please do not come to the hospital early.

5. On the day of your surgery, you will be screened for COVID-19 when you enter the hospital.

At this time, we are still limiting visitors to the hospital. Your support person can drop you off at the door of the hospital and staff will take you to surgery. Following your surgery and recovery, our staff will contact your support person by phone and take you to the hospital entrance to meet them to go home.

**If at any time before your surgery, you develop symptoms of COVID-19, please contact your surgeon’s office to let them know.**

How we are keeping you safe.

We are increasing access to surgery and clinics carefully and slowly. As part of this, we have made changes to enhance the safety of all:

  • Appointments will be staggered to reduce the number of people in hospital areas at one time, in support of physical distancing.
  • Where possible, clinics will continue to provide care through virtual or over the phone options.
  • Hospital spaces have been changed to support physical distancing.
  • Health screenings for patients will be increased to ensure wellness and provide immediate support if needed.
  • We are still limiting visitors to the hospital at this time. We will work with you to keep your support person(s) informed and - for surgery patients - to connect you with them after your surgery to go home.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at: patient.feedback@grhosp.on.ca