How do I apply for a job at Grand River Hospital?

All applications must be submitted online through the "Apply to GRH" page.

Do you have any job openings that fit my qualifications? 

We encourage you to review current online job openings and apply to any of interest that matches your qualifications. 

How can I search for a job?

a) On the Grand River Hospital career portal, type in keywords or use other filters (e.g., category, location, etc.) to search for open positions that match your specific job interests.

b) Click Search to view your results.


  • Typically, the keyword search will search for all of the words you enter, meaning that the keyword search "graphic designer" will return results where the job contains the words "graphic" AND "designer." Depending on the employer's configuration, you may be able to select between "all keywords" and "any keywords" to change this behaviour. (Note: the keyword search does not accept Boolean search terms at this time.)
  • Filters available may include keywords, location, category, and position type.
  • If you choose to use more than one filter, your results will meet all of the criteria you have selected.
How can I apply for a specific job?

a) After you have run a search, click the title of the job that you wish to apply for.

b) Click the Apply for this job online button and follow subsequent steps on your screen.

How can I apply for a job using a social media profile?

a) Access the desired job, and begin the application process. Click the appropriate Create with... social media button under the "New Candidates" section of the page.

b) Log in to your social account and click the appropriate button to grant iCIMS (the talent platform) permission to access your profile information. (Note: on the screen for both LinkedIn and Facebook, you are not only logging in to your account, but also giving iCIMS permission to access your social profile.)


  • If you are a returning candidate, click the Log back in! link from the top right of the page or the login link in the "Returning Candidates" section of the page to log in. Then, proceed with step A above.
  • If you are already logged in to your social account, simply click the appropriate button to allow iCIMS to access your profile information.
  • If you are not already signed up for a social account, you can sign up by clicking the Join Now or Sign Up buttons on the LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+ pop-up.

c) Modify the information that was transferred automatically into the career portal from your social account, if necessary. (Select the Disconnect (or Unlink account) link to reset the page and unlink your account.)

d) Use the resume details populated from your social media account, or click one of the available buttons and follow the steps to upload or paste a new resume into your application, and then click the Submit Profile to continue. (Note: uploading a new resume will replace existing data in your application.)

Tip: If available, select the checkbox beside Upload resume at a later time to continue without uploading a resume at this time. Please note that you may need to upload a resume at a later date to have a complete application.

How can I apply for a job using a resume?

a) Access the desired job, and begin the application process. Click Create with Resume within the "New Candidates" section of the page.

b) Select an option to upload your resume, or paste it into the resume field, if available. (The options available to upload a resume depend on a company's preferences and may vary. The steps below include all possible methods, including uploading from a computer or mobile device, Google Drive, and Dropbox.)

  • To upload a resume from your computer or mobile device, select My Computer (or My Device) and select the appropriate file. Then, click open.
  • To upload a resume from an existing Google Drive account, select the Google Drive button, login, and click Accept to allow access to your account. Finally, select the appropriate file and click Select.
  • To upload a resume from an existing Dropbox account, select Dropbox, login, and select the appropriate file. Click Choose to continue.
  • Select Submit Profile to proceed with your application.
How can I apply for multiple positions?

There are no limits to how many jobs you can apply for which match your skills and qualifications. However, you can only apply for one position at a time. This means that after applying to your first job, you are able to return to Grand River Hospital’s career portal and select an additional position to apply for, and then repeat the process as necessary.

Your subsequent applications will not require you to re-enter your resume or basic contact information, as this information will already be attached to your profile.

How can I check on my status for a job I have applied to?

a) Log in to your existing profile.

b) Your "Candidate Dashboard" will display. Here you can review the positions you've previously applied to and also see the status next to the job title.

Tip: Select Continue Application to finish your application for a specific job. Select Withdraw beside a job to withdraw your application for that specific position. These buttons display in the actions column.

How can I update my profile information (including my resume)?

a) Log in to your existing profile, and then select the Update your Profile button.

b) Enter any updates to your personal information or resume, and click the Update Profile button.

How can I submit my resume for general consideration (not to a specific job)?

Submitting your resume for general consideration allows your resume to be placed in Grand River Hospital’s recruiting system without applying to a specific position. To do so, simply select the submit your resume link on the career portal's "Welcome" page.

I am having trouble uploading my resume. What should I do?

Ensure that you are using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox (version 37 or later), Google Chrome version 42 or later, Apple Safari version 8 or later or Internet Explorer 10 (or newer).  Also, please upload your resume in Word format and avoid using graphics. 

How can I refer a friend?

a) Select a job that you wish to refer someone to.

b) Select the Email this job to a friend button.

c) Complete all required fields, and then click the Submit Your Referral button.

How can I receive notifications about new job openings?

Applicants are able to create job search agents, which are saved notifications that alert them by email whenever a job matching their previous search interests has been posted.

a) Use filters to search for positions of interest to you, and click the Search button.

b) On the "Job Listings" page, which displays jobs that match your search, scroll down to the "Job Search Agent Options" section. Then, name your search agent and click the Create Agent button.