Updated on: Sep 14, 2022

Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program

Cancer Plan for 2019-2023

A regional cancer plan for Waterloo Wellington is created every 4 years.

While creating these plans, thoughtful feedback from from patients, caregivers, and regional health care partners is included.

The Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Plan gives focus for the delivery of cancer services based on the needs of patients through the cancer continuum, from screening to end of life care. The WWRCP will always work to provide the best quality of care for all residents in Waterloo Wellington region.

Read our 2019-2023 Regional Cancer Plan

Care Closer to Home

Anyone who has lived with a diagnosis of cancer or has supported a loved one through treatment knows the toll that the illness can carry. Travelling to and from health appointments can add stress to every day life.

Delivering cancer care close to home means that you can get high-quality services without travelling or having to choose to go without treatment.

Our regional cancer program has done a great job at having systemic therapy (e.g. chemotherapy) in community hospitals throughout the Waterloo Wellington Region. Offering cancer services at small hospitals like Fergus and Mount Forest is key for those who live near those communities. Small hospitals want to do their part in cancer care, and community clinics offer a way for to make services accessible to all patients.

Patients and care partners tell us that bringing care closer to home has had a positive affect on their quality of life. With the support of Ontario Health-Cancer Care Ontario, the Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program has been able to lessen the hours patients have to travel while providing high-quality, evidence-based care.

Learn more about the health services available at each Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program site..