Welcome to the Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program

The Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program (WWRCP) is a network made up of healthcare professionals and hospitals that provide cancer care across Waterloo Region, Wellington County and the southern portion of Grey County.

Click Here to read our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan (opens as an Adobe PDF)Are you a new cancer patient? Click here to watch the WWRCP patient orientation video

Regional Program Locations

There are 7 locations that make up the WWRCP:

  1. Grand River Regional Cancer Centre (regional cancer centre attached to Grand River Hospital)
  2. Cambridge Memorial Hospital
  3. St. Mary's General Hospital
  4. Guelph General Hospital
  5. Groves Memorial Community Hospital
  6. North Wellington Health Care
    1. Louise Marshall Hospital
    2. Palmerston District Hospital

Guide to the Regional Cancer Program

If you are a first time or returning patient to the WWRCP please open, download and read through our patient orientation guide called "Your Guide to the Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program". Click the link below:

Your Guide to the Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program

This booklet will give you information about:

  • Regional Cancer Program sites and locations
  • General contact information & hours
  • Review of your health care team
  • Basic overview of treatment options
  • Support options
  • Patient learning information
  • Worksheets

Add to your orientation guide by choosing the a general information package from one or more of your cancer care sites:

News and stories from GRH's cancer program


Discount parking available

GRH offers discount parking for patients and families who may have longer stays in the hospital.

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