Updated on: Sep 14, 2022


Wheels Of Hope

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) offers Wheels of Hope. This is a service where volunteers help people get to their appointments and treatments at the cancer centre. You will need to register for these rides.

Phone: 1-888-939-3333

Online: Wheels of Hope

About Wheels of Hope

• This is a ride-sharing service so you will be in a vehicle with both the driver and others who are travelling to appointments.

• You can either CALL or go ONLINE to book a travel appointments.

• A minimum of 3 business days' notice is needed to book a travel appointment.

• There is a yearly $100 registration fee for the service. A Compassionate Program is available if the fee creates financial hardship for you. When you call to book your travel appointment please let your CCS agent know.

• There might be times when we cannot offer you a ride to your appointment. You should have a plan in place for these times. The CCS will try to make sure that you know a minimum of 24 hours in advance if they can't offer travel services.

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Wheels of Hope quick reference

Public Transportation

Public transportation is also available to get to your appointments.

Please visit www.grt.ca for more information and to plan your trip.