Updated on: Aug 23, 2022

Clinical Information & Guidelines

For Health Care Professionals

Clinical guidelines are being updated all the time. For the most recent guidelines visit Cancer Care Ontario.

Cancer Care OntarioDrug Formulary Search
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Search and find specific information
on cancer drugs and treatment protocols.
Cancer Care OntarioGuidelines & Advice Search
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Search to find clinical guidelines for cancer care.
Cancer Care Ontario guidelines are based on the
best evidence available from healthcare research
and expert opinion.
Cancer Care OntarioPathway Maps
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Pathway maps represent evidence
-based best practice for the management of patients
during a specific phase of their cancer experience.
Cancer Care OntarioCOVID-19 & Cancer Resources
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Links to information and handouts about COVID-19 and Cancer
National Cancer InstituteCancer Information Summaries
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The PDQ cancer information summaries are
comprehensive, evidence-based summaries
on topics that cover adult and pediatric cancer
treatment, supportive and palliative care,
screening, prevention, genetics, and integrative, alternative, and complementary therapies.