Updated on: Sep 09, 2022

I've just been diagnosed, now what?

Once you get a cancer diagnosis you might want to know more right away, or take some time to think about what the diagnosis means to you.

Find information on our website about your:

Your doctor or nurse practitioner will fill out a referral form to a cancer program. You might be referred to the Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program, or a cancer program in another region.

Once the WWRCP gets your referral form, they will look over the information and call you to make an appointment. For your initial visit, you might be seen at Grand River Regional Cancer Centre or Cambridge Memorial Hospital. Contact information can be found here.

Once you meet your cancer care team they will give you more information about the next steps in your care plan.

Make sure to tell your health care team about any struggles you are having, they can help support you or find you the best supports for you to access.

Find help getting to your appointments.
Information about financial help options

Support for Care Givers

Caregivers are people who:

  • Provide physical and/or emotional support to family, partners, friends or neighbours
  • Do not get paid to do this care work

Caregivers might be offering their help for many different reasons. The demands on care givers is usually very high and we want to make sure they are supported too, just like they support you.

Types of support for caregivers - Ontario Caregiver Association