Visiting as a Patient or Guest

Mother and child visiting hospital

Thousands of people arrive at Grand River Hospital every day for medical procedures, testing, or to visit loved ones. Depending on your situation there's info to be aware of before you arrive.

GRH Updates

The people of Grand River Hospital

  • Debbie Bruder Portrait
    Debbie Bruder: linking technology to front line care
  • Willa Wettlaufer
    Willa Wettlaufer: supporting the technological back-bone of patient care
  • Cristina Peter Portrait
    Cristina Peter: advancing exceptional cancer care for young GRH patients
  • Pam Wooten
    Pam Wooten: a conduit for patient care at Grand River Hospital
  • Advancing exceptional care in health education

    Conestoga College Award Aug 2017

    Conestoga College recognizes GRH

    GRH was pleased to recently receive an award recognizing their partnership in mental health education and patient care. 

    Advancing surgical care for children

    Dr. Vinita Bindlish, an ear, nose and throat specialist, shows the coblation wand.

    Grand River Hospital is bringing vastly-improved technology to a childhood rite of passage: having one’s tonsils removed.

    Advancing life-saving care for babies

    Sheri Douglas coaches a team as they practice their neonatal resuscitation skills

    GRH care providers: prepared to respond in a baby's first moments in life

    When a "code pink" is paged at GRH, a newborn baby is having distress and needs assistance. Skilled care providers step into action to provide this urgently-needed help.