Visiting as a Patient or Guest

Mother and child visiting hospital

Thousands of people arrive at Grand River Hospital every day for medical procedures, testing, or to visit loved ones. Depending on your situation there's info to be aware of before you arrive.

GRH Updates

The people of Grand River Hospital

  • Isabella And Sabrina Portrait
    Isabella and Sabrina: Making friendships within the GRH community
  • Mary And Mary Beth Portrait
    Mary-Beth and Mary Reynolds: volunteering at GRH as a shared experience
  • Marina And Melissa Portrait
    Marina and Melissa Kaleta: bringing family to the front line of health care
  • Nicole And Saldon
    Nicole Tallieu and Saldon Traina: part of the GRH family
  • Care with compassion

    Christina Page Cu

    Christina Page- supporting mental health recovery

    Christina's work in GRH’s Recovery Connect service helps to identify people with mental health needs who use the emergency department frequently. She then helps link them with health services that may better meet their needs.

    Your Stories

    Lisa Soehner and Dana Schultz of GRH's patient relations dept.

    Lisa Soehner and Dana Schultz: supporting patients and families

    Everyone at GRH wants to provide exceptional care. When patients and families feel their experience could have been better, Lisa Soehner and Dana Schultz are ready to listen and help.