Visiting as a Patient or Guest

Mother and child visiting hospital

Thousands of people arrive at Grand River Hospital every day for medical procedures, testing, or to visit loved ones. Depending on your situation there's info to be aware of before you arrive.

GRH Updates

The people of Grand River Hospital

  • Lucille West
    Lucille West: nearly five decades of volunteer commitment
  • Bill Blair
    Bill Blair: supporting GRH patients and families in times of crisis
  • Betty Fritz
    Betty Fritz: the rewards of helping others
  • Frank Holotta Portrait
    Frank Holotta: using the science of cells and tissues to support care
  • A vital part of the hospital community

    Malcolm Maxwell

    Thank you to GRH's fabulous volunteers

    GRH President and CEO Malcolm Maxwell recognizes the enormous contributions of GRH's 1,000 volunteers as well as the GRH Volunteer Association in supporting patient care in Waterloo Region.

    Medical education for exceptional care

    A photo of a group of nurses

    GRH hosts the next generation of care professionals

    GRH hosts more than 600 health sciences students every year. As part of our commitment to care and health learning, patients and clinicians have benefited from a specialized unit designed to provide care and medical education.

    Your Stories

    Lisa Soehner and Dana Schultz of GRH's patient relations dept.

    Lisa Soehner and Dana Schultz: supporting patients and families

    Everyone at GRH wants to provide exceptional care. When patients and families feel their experience could have been better, Lisa Soehner and Dana Schultz are ready to listen and help.