Visiting as a Patient or Guest

Mother and child visiting hospital

Thousands of people arrive at Grand River Hospital every day for medical procedures, testing, or to visit loved ones. Depending on your situation there's info to be aware of before you arrive.

GRH Updates

The people of Grand River Hospital

  • Kamran Rao Portrait
    Kamran Rao: keeping the heart of GRH’s IT services beating
  • Bobby Thompson
    Bobby Thompson: supporting the contributions of GRH’s volunteers
  • Darren Knibutat
    Dr. Darren Knibutat: compassionate care with advanced technology
  • Debbie Bruder Portrait
    Debbie Bruder: linking technology to front line care
  • Partnerships to enhance care

    Library Card

    Partnership provides better info and resources to Waterloo Wellington cancer patients

    The J. Wesley Graham Patient and Family Resource Centre in GRH’s cancer centre has re-opened in partnership with Kitchener Public Library. The resource centre received generous financial support from Grand River Hospital Foundation as well as strong encouragement from patients who advocated for its renewal.

    Advancing surgical care for children

    Dr. Vinita Bindlish, an ear, nose and throat specialist, shows the coblation wand.

    Grand River Hospital is bringing vastly-improved technology to a childhood rite of passage: having one’s tonsils removed.

    Make a difference

    A photo of a volunteer holding a teddy bear

    Welcoming new volunteers to the GRH community

    Are you a student looking for experience? In your career with a few extra hours to give? Or newly retired and seeking to give back?

    Then join the more than 1,000 people who make a difference by volunteering at GRH.