Grand River Hospital offers three types of rooms for hospitalized patients:

Type of roomNumber of people per roomCost (for provincially-insured* residents)


3 or more

No cost



$300 a day

(updated July 2022)



$350 a day

(updated July 2022)

  • *Provincially-insured residents refer to patients who have valid Ontario Hospital Insurance Plan (OHIP) insurance, or valid insurance from another Canadian province.
  • For semi-private and private rooms, you may choose to pay directly or use an eligible insurance plan.
Shwetha Suresh volunteers with a patient at GRH's KW Campus
When you are admitted for a hospital stay, we will ask you or your substitute decision maker about:
  • What kind of room you prefer;
  • Any insurance coverage you may have;
  • Your billing information if you do not have insurance coverage and wish to pay privately. The hospital will send you an invoice after you have been discharged; and
  • Your current mailing address for billing.
We will make every effort to give you the type of room you prefer. Please note:
  • Hospital volume and activity and/or infection prevention and control reasons may prevent us from accommodating your request;
  • If you choose a private room and a semi-private is available, you will be charged for the actual room you occupy (no charge applies if you are in a ward room); and
  • If you choose a semi-private room and are placed in a private room, you will be charged for the room you selected (no charge applies if you are in a ward room).

For questions or to change the type of room you have chosen, please call our preferred accommodation line at 519-749-4300 extension 5985 (or dial 5985 from a phone in the hospital).

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