The 2021-2025 Strategic Plan (opens in new tab) embeds 'an unwavering quality focus' into our mission. Quality at Grand River Hospital (GRH) is defined as “providing the patient quality care with compassion in a safe environment.”

One of the ways this is achieved at GRH is the continual alignment of processes, people and resources to best serve patients through the ongoing application and evaluation of the quality frame work.

Performance accountability for quality and patient safety is reported by the:

  • quality and patient safety committee of the board;
  • senior quality team and;
  • clinical programs and services quality and patient safety councils.
Quality improvement plan

As part of GRH's commitment to those we serve, we are publishing our 2022-23 quality improvement plan (QIP). Our QIP outlines our accountability to our community, patients, staff, physicians and volunteers to deliver high quality health care and create a positive patient experience. With this plan, we are able to identify our areas of improvement and monitor our performance.

In compliance with the Excellent Care for All Act, 2010 (opens in new tab) , all hospitals are required to post QIPs annually on April 1st to the public and to submit the report to the Health Quality Ontario for review.

The GRH Board of Directors approved the 2024-25 GRH Quality Improvement Plan. The QIP consists of a narrative and work plan(opens as PDF) which includes our improvement initiatives, indicators, targets and change ideas that GRH will focus on in 2023-24.

For more information, please email GRH's communications department;

Publicly reported indicators

GRH actively participates in, and assesses, how well we are progressing in the cycle of continuous quality improvement. Our board of directors and management team believe it is important for our community to have access to information on how well we perform over time, how we compare to provincial standards and other hospitals, and to learn about our plans for improvement.

The indicators noted below are reported by hospitals in Ontario. This helps us to measure how we are doing in compared to provincial and national targets.

Access to care

  • Access to care including wait times for surgical and medical imaging procedures.

Safety of care

  • Patient safety indicators including indicators for hospital infections and infection control and patient safety.
Accreditation and designations

GRH participates in voluntary accreditation under Accreditation Canada standards. The program is an extensive self-assessment process, which includes a third-party evaluation of our care and services by Accreditation Canada surveyors. GRH received Accreditation with Exemplary standing in October 2021. The full report can accessed here.

GRH’s laboratory services has received a four year Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare and ISO15189 Plus (OLA) certificate (opens as PDF). ISO15189 Plus/IQMH (OLA) is a peer group assessment that includes over 550 accreditation requirements which are based on ISO standards. This accreditation process supplements lab licensing and is mandatory for all medical laboratories in Ontario. The laboratory also participates in hospital accreditation through Accreditation Canada

The National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) (opens in new window) is an internationally recognized program to measure and improve the quality of surgical care. Although surgical quality is measurable, collection and access to data is inconsistent. Health Quality Ontario is bringing NSQIP to Ontario to provide hospitals with high quality clinical data, combined with a quality improvement program designed to decrease surgical complications, improve patient care and outcomes, and decrease the cost of health care delivery.

On April 1, 2015 GRH joined with 14 other hospitals in this program.