Welcome to Grand River Hospital’s rehabilitation program.

Updated - Wednesday July 29: Following COVID, we are working to re-open our outpatient rehabilitation programs to in-person visits. We are starting slowly and have put in place many processes to ensure the health and wellness of all.

While we will continue to use phone and virtual options to provide care where possible, we will be reaching out to patients over the next few weeks to begin booking appointments that need to be in person. There are many appointments to book, so this may take us some time.

For more information about how we are re-opening services, click here.

We help patients of all ages to recover after an illness or injury. Our patients include people who have had a stroke, a serious injury or illness.

Most of our services are based at GRH’s Freeport Campus at 3570 King Street East in Kitchener.

Here are a few things you need to know:

  1. You and your family members are key to your success. We will give you the tools to recover and encourage you along the way;
  2. The length of time you may spend with our program will very much depend on your unique health needs. If you have an inpatient stay, our focus is to get you home as fast as possible because being home is better than being in a hospital;
  3. Some people confuse the kind of rehabilitation we provide in this program to rehabilitation from substance mis-use. If you are looking for services to help you with a substance use issue, please contact our mental health and addictions program;
  4. Referral to our services is typically by physicians or other health providers. Patients are not able to self-refer to our rehabilitation programs; and
  5. If you are a health provider, our referral forms are now found in our central database with referral forms for all other GRH programs.
The courtyard of GRH's Freeport Campus

Getting here- Freeport Campus

This service is located at the Freeport Campus, 3570 King Street East in Kitchener.


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