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Access your health information online, for free

My Connected Care is a free, secure online tool providing patients of Grand River Hospital and St. Mary’s General Hospital access to their hospital health records and personal health information. Using a computer or device web browser, My Connected Care users can easily view test results, clinical documentation, and other health information.

With My Connected Care, you can view most of your health information very close to the time it is available in our system (with some exceptions). With My Connected Care, you can:

  • View laboratory reports (3 hour delay)
  • View diagnostic reports (3 day delay)
  • Read clinical notes written by members of your healthcare team
  • View upcoming appointments and messages from your care team
  • Complete questionnaires before your appointment
  • View allergy information
  • View pathology reports (10 day delay)

Enroll in My Connected Care

To enroll in My Connected Care, visit our self-enrollment page My Connected Care - Self-Enrollment. You will need the following information: First name, last name, date of birth, and one of the following:

  • Health card number and medical record number (MRN) or
  • Email address (as it appears in our system)

Your medical record number (MRN) can be found on documents you have received from the hospital, such as a discharge summary, armband, or upcoming appointment itinerary.

If you want to enroll in My Connected Care but do not know your MRN and/or do not have an email address listed in your medical record, complete our Self-Enrollment Assistance Form to start the process. A member of our team will receive your request and after verifying your information, we will use the email address you have provided to send you a link to complete the self-enrollment process.

Click here to watch the self-enrollment tutorial video.

Want to learn more? My Connected Care Brochure (PDF)

Already have access? Sign in to My Connected Care here.

Authorized Representative: Request permission to access someone else's health information

Caregivers of patients not capable of making their own health decisions can request access to the patients’ health information through My Connected Care by filling out and submitting the Authorized Representative Form, as well as any required supporting documentation.

Patients can also, at their discretion, give other people permission to access the health information in your My Connected Care account. This is called Authorized Representative access.

Send the completed form, along with a copy of government-issued photo identification to:

Authorized Representative Form

Authorized Representative Access Age 16 and Up (PDF)

Authorized Representative Access Age 12 to 15 (PDF)

Accessing Your Childs My Connected Care Account (Age 11 and under) (PDF)

Removing Authorized Representative Access (PDF)

My Connected Care Support

Technical questions: Please contact the 24/7 support line at 1-855-455-2717. This is a toll-free number to the Cerner Customer Care Support Centre, located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Enrollment: If you want to enroll in My Connected Care but do not know your MRN and/or do not have an email address listed in your medical record, complete our Self Enrollment Assistance Form to start the process. If you are still having difficulties, please contact us through our General Enrollment Support Form.

Health Records: If you would like access to a document or test result that is not displayed through My Connected Care, please contact the Health Records department at the hospital where your appointment took place.

Accessing your health record (

Patient Records & Privacy - St. Mary's General Hospital (

Accuracy of Health Records: We make every effort to keep your personal health information as correct as possible. If you think there may be something inaccurate in your personal health record, please contact the Privacy and Access office at (519) 749-4275 or email us at

Questions about your health care: Please contact your health care provider. For general inquires about medical topics, theHealth Connect Ontario website is a valuable resource to check your symptoms, get health advice, find a service, or search the medical library.