Clinical placements

Interested in a clinical placement at Grand River Hospital?

Below is some key information you should know:

Medical learners (medical students, midwifery students, residents and fellows) must submit:

o A registration form and confidentiality agreement

o Completion of privacy awareness and accessibility courses

o Proof of COVID-19 vaccination

o A letter of good standing from their home university

All documents are to be submitted to the Chief of Staff office at least one month prior to the rotation start date.

Placements for students of McMaster University’s Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine - Waterloo Regional Campus are arranged via the REL/Administrative Assistants of the Waterloo Region Campus in collaboration with the Chief of Staff Office.

Undergraduate Canadian or International medical learners(Clerks) should visit the AFMC Student Portal ( in new window) to apply for a clinical placement.

Visiting Canadian electives for residents/fellows submit a Distributed Campus Placement form from McMaster or another Canadian university must apply through the Mac-Care program for all placements within the McMaster University catchment area. Please register at( (opens in new window) for more information.

International visiting electives residents seeking a clinical placement at Grand River Hospital and/or St. Mary’s General Hospital must register with McMaster University at (

Postgraduate medical learners should email to arrange clinical placements.

If you have questions regarding clinical placements at GRH, please email the medical education coordinator (opens in new window).

Internal medicine clinical teaching unit

GRH launched an innovative academic internal medicine program in July 2015. GRH hosts a clinical teaching unit (CTU) in close partnership with St. Mary’s General Hospital and McMaster University. Resident trainees looking for experience in an internal medicine or general internal medicine CTU should consider this opportunity.

While the internal medicine programs of both hospitals are affiliated with McMaster University, residents from a variety of CCFP and FRCP/FRCS programs from across Canada are welcome to train in our program.

To learn more about the internal medicine CTU, please email the medical education coordinator.


Observerships provide an educational opportunity for those seeking to observe and gain insight into how health care is provided in hospitals and/or how various departments function. As an observer, you are not permitted to participate in the treatment of patients in any way, and must be accompanied by your supervising physician at all times.

Observerships are available to those who are currently studying medicine as an international medical student or those who are international medical graduates (IMGs). Other individuals participating in research activities, or allied health fields may also be eligible. You can participate in an observership for a maximum of 30 hospital days.

It is your responsibility to contact and secure a supervising physician for your observership term. To locate a physician, please use the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario’s website (opens in new window) to conduct a physician search.

Please enquire about your eligibility before completing the application package.

Once you have confirmed your eligibility and secured a supervising physician, please complete the forming forms:

  • A completed Observership Request Form signed by the Observer, the Supervisor and the Department Chief. Also complete the Confidentiality Agreement, completed Offence Declaration Form and signed Observership Acknowledgement and Waiver of Liability.
  • Proof of completion of the online Privacy & Confidentiality course and completion of the online Hand Hygiene Course.
  • Enrolment, graduate, or employment status
  • A current copy of the Observer’s CV/resume
  • Point form summary specifying the Observer’s goals and objectives for the observership (One page)

The package, along with a CV and detailed explanation of what you hope to gain through observership, are then submitted for review and approval.

Observership Application Package 2022

To inquire about clinical placements or the observership application process, please contact:

Jacob Alexander, Medical Education Coordinator Phone: 519-749-4300 ext. 2525 Email: Jacob. (opens in new window)