We encourage you to contact our key programs for any inquiries you may have. Our most frequently-dialed numbers and email addresses are listed below:

General telephone contact information for all campuses:
  • Main switchboard: 519-742-3611
  • Automated attendant: 519-749-4300

Grand River Hospital- Kitchener-Waterloo Campus
P.O. Box 9056
835 King St. West
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 1G3

Grand River Hospital- Freeport Campus
P.O. Box 9056
3570 King St. East
Kitchener, Ontario Canada N2A 2W1

Are you looking for a doctor or nurse practitioner for your own care?

Please visit the Government of Ontario's Health Care Connect page for more information (opens in a new window).

Corporate program contacts
Service Telephone Email

Patient accounts: billing office for services not provincially funded

KW Campus inquiries
519-749-4300, ext. 2352
Freeport inquiries 519-749-4300, ext. 7082


Grand River Hospital Foundation: accepts donations/arranges fundraisers to support GRH


Website: www.grhf.org

Health records: stores and protects patient health information

519-749-4300, ext. 2108
Fax: 519-749-4311


Human resources: for hiring, career and position information

519-749-4300, ext. 3965
Fax: 519-749-4313

Please submit external applications for employment at GRH's careers website. Emailed applications will not be accepted.

Students: for cooperative placements and clinical and medical internships


Please note that requests for placements must be submitted by the school; requests received from students will not be accepted.

Patient inquiries: to find out about a loved one in hospital


Medical administration: liaise between administration and physicians

519-749-4300, ext. 2507


Patient relations: to share feedback or complaints

519-749-4300, ext. 2966


Privacy office: manages privacy and confidentiality of patients’ health information



Communications and media inquiries


Purchasing: approves and manages all companies who wish to become GRH vendors


Research: for studies and clinical trials

519-749-4300, ext. 2876
Fax: 519-749-4282


Retail pharmacy: fills prescriptions and has mobility aids and other equipment for patients and staff

Fax: 519-749-4327


Volunteer resources: for more information about volunteer opportunities


Clinical program and service contacts
Clinical program or service Telephone

Grand River Regional Cancer Centre



519-749-4300, ext. 3865


519-749-4300, ext. 2291

Complex continuing care

519-749-4300, ext. 7073

Critical care

519-749-4300, ext. 2357



Laboratory medicine

519-749-4300, ext. 2215

Medical imaging and special testing


Medical program

519-749-4300, dial 0

Mental health and addictions

See additional listings below

Pharmacy services

519-749-4300, ext. 2778

Rehabilitation- physical and neurological

519-749-4300, ext. 7073

Grand River Regional Renal Program

519-749-4300, ext. 4389

Stroke519-749-4300, ext. 2870


519-749-4300, dial 0

Multi-site programs
Mental health and addictions
Program and locationTelephone
835 King Street West, Kitchener: emergency department, emergency crisis service, extended assessment unit, adult inpatient unit, child and adolescent inpatient unit, adult acute day hospital: 519-749-4300
850 King Street West, Kitchener: adult rapid response, community outreach treatment team (COTT), Hazelglen, medication follow-up clinic, adult psychiatric consultation clinic, the young adult program (YAP)519-749-4310
40 Green Street, sixth floor, Kitchener: child and adolescent consultation clinic, child and adolescent rapid response, child and adolescent transitional support service, preschool diagnostic services519-749-4310
697 Coronation Boulevard, Cambridge: assertive community treatment team (ACTT)519-621-2828
GRH Freeport Campus, 3570 King Street East, Kitchener: specialized mental health program, adult transition team, seniors transition team, community day treatment519-749-4310
GRH Withdrawal Management Centre, 52 Glasgow Street, Kitchener: residential non-medical management for up to 28 people519-749-4318