Visiting as a Patient or Guest

Mother and child visiting hospital

Thousands of people arrive at Grand River Hospital every day for medical procedures, testing, or to visit loved ones. Depending on your situation there's info to be aware of before you arrive.

GRH Updates

The people of Grand River Hospital

  • Celebrating Oncology Nursing Day!
  • Celebrating GRH's Child Life Specialists during Child Life Month
  • Two journeys, one passion: Dedicated care for the community. Celebrating the retirements of 2 of GRH’s longest serving leaders.
  • GRH's Right Start Unit empowers patients in their dialysis journey
  • Inspired leadership, advancing exceptional care

    Ron Gagnon, GRH’s president and CEO

    From Ron Gagnon, GRH's President and CEO

    We are excited that Ron Gagnon has commenced his service as GRH's president and CEO.

    Read more about his intentions to work with the hospital community and partner health providers to ensure our health system is an active and energetic partner in our region’s growth and potential.

    Supporting patients through cancer care

    A photo of a man and a women interacting with one another

    Orientation video to support new patients and families in cancer care

    Patients and families will benefit from a new orientation video, helping them to understand important points they need to know through cancer care.

    Make a difference

    A photo of a volunteer holding a teddy bear

    Welcoming new volunteers to the GRH community

    Are you a student looking for experience? In your career with a few extra hours to give? Or newly retired and seeking to give back?

    Then join the more than 1,000 people who make a difference by volunteering at GRH.

    Grand River Facts

    GRH provides nearly 185,000 inpatient days of care every year, along with more than 240,000 day procedure visits.