Our medicine program is committed to providing exceptional patient and family care. Our interdisciplinary team approach provides holistic, supportive, comprehensive care by respecting the diversity of patient and family needs.

The medicine program is located on the fifth and eighth floors of Grand River Hospital's KW Campus at 835 King Street West, Kitchener.

General medicine

Our general medicine program, located on the eighth floor, is a 32-bed program for patients requiring acute medical intervention. Patients on the medical unit have acute conditions that may need to be diagnosed, stabilized and treated.

A number of health care professionals work together as a team to meet these needs.

Clinical teaching unit (CTU)

Our clinical teaching unit, located on the fifth floor on the D south wing, is a 22-bed program for patients requiring acute medical intervention. It is a medical unit, with care overseen by an internist, (physician specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of adults) and a group of residents and medical students in training, collaborating with a team of health professionals to meet the needs of our patients.

Acute care of the elderly (ACE)

Our acute care of the elderly program, located on the fifth floor A wing, is a 12-bed program for patients requiring an elder friendly environment for patients over 65 years of age. We recognize that older adults have unique needs and require special care, therefore staff work closely with patients and families to help maintain and improve independence in preparation to return home.