Volunteers make a difference in advancing exceptional care.

Volunteers at Grand River Hospital (GRH) are a committed and outstanding team of individuals who offer their time and skills to make a difference in our health care community. GRH has one of the largest volunteer forces in the region, with nearly 1000 volunteers at the hospital's KW and Freeport campuses as well as our regional cancer centre.

Freeport information

Freeport provides a Specialized Mental Health service for patients in Waterloo Region, and also provides support for our palliative care, complex continuing and rehabilitation care, among other programs. Outpatient clinics at Freeport include neuro-rehabilitation, geriatric day hospital, speech language pathology, geriatric consultation clinic, primary care clinic, secondary stroke prevention clinic. Freeport is also the home of the Waterloo Wellington Breast Centre.

KW Campus information

The KW Campus is an acute care facility and offers services such as hemodialysis, medicine, childbirth, pediatric, surgical, mental health and emergency services, and is also the home of the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre.

About volunteer resources

Our volunteer resources department maintains an adequate and competent number of volunteers to complement and enhance the staff in the delivery of health care. Our role is to enhance the personal well-being and comfort of our patients with highly motivated and appropriately trained and screened volunteers.

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