Posted: June 4, 2015

Medical clerks and residents at Grand River Hospital in Waterloo Region have new comforts as they complete their education, thanks to a partnership between the hospital and McMaster University.

GRH and the Waterloo Regional Campus of McMaster’s Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine celebrated the opening of renovated student facilities at the hospital’s KW Campus in early June 2015.

The newly-opened space features nine sleep and study rooms for residents on long shifts, as well as meeting rooms and a lounge. The rooms are open to undergraduate medical learners and residents completing clinical work at the hospital.

“Residents and medical students have busy schedules, and we appreciate taking part in study groups, catching up on our notes or recuperating during a long shift,” said Dr. Robyn Fallen, a third year psychiatry resident. “Providing space for medical learners shows this community’s dedication to making distributed medical education a success.”

McMaster University invested nearly $300,000 in the medical education centre. Artists from the regional medical campus and local schools contributed paintings and photos to add colour to the rooms.

GRH hosts 100 McMaster medical students and residents in clinical placements each year. In addition, more than 600 students in a variety of fields and education levels come to GRH annually for training experience.