Posted: June 3, 2016

GrandLinq is using four mini trenches to maintain access to the busiest hospital in the region at a key intersection through ION light rail construction.

GRH’s KW Campus is home to a busy emergency department and many key care programs. Access to the hospital at all times is vital for patients. Emergency medical services vehicles also need dependable access.

Installation of the light rail track is now taking place in front of the hospital on King Street. Dragging rail sections along the street can be disruptive to traffic trying to get to the hospital, especially now that track installation is much closer to GRH.

So at the intersection of King and Pine Streets, GrandLinq dug four trenches running the width of the intersection. Crews then covered those trenches with heavy steel plates.

Vehicles and pedestrians can continue crossing over normally at King and Pine, which is the access to the hospital’s emergency department. GrandLinq crews can continue to drag rail underneath to be installed further east on King Street.

This is just one of the ways GrandLinq has worked with the hospital to maintain access to GRH at all times.

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