Posted: April 14, 2016
Kw Lobby Volunteers

The KW Campus front lobby volunteers have won the hospital’s April team award of excellence, quite appropriately during National Volunteer Week.

These volunteers (or lobby information and portering volunteers as they’re formally known) greet and escort hundreds of patients, their families and their visitors every day. Patients who are upset or in pain benefit from the help of these people. Volunteers problem solve with the patient when information is vague or there are communication barriers.

There are 80 volunteers on the information and portering team, ranging from age 16 to 91 years of age. The longest-serving information and portering volunteer has been helping for 45 years.  These dedicated caring people provide support and information seven days a week

The volunteers have been recognized for:

  • Working together to provide an inclusive service. Volunteers who have mobility challenges serve at the desk and answer requests for volunteer porters.  This frees mobile volunteers to provide portering assistance so patients can get around the hospital. This spirit of cooperation helps the desk run smoothly and expedites patient transportation;
  • Providing cheery smiles, warm greetings, as well as knowledgeable and courteous services. Patients feel a sense of relief when they realize the volunteers are there, right at the door to offer a wheelchair or escort through our complex hospital;
  • Going through a rigorous and on-going training which includes privacy, confidentiality and hand hygiene. They carefully follow GRH policies and procedures and keep up with changes through a communication binder updated daily.  They know when to consult with a staff member and how to call emergency codes; and
  • Respecting patient privacy and the need to know rule. They encounter all ages, ethno-cultural groups and levels of ability. They treat everyone equally. One can often see the relief in a patient’s eyes as volunteers worked out where they need to go and guided them there.

Thank you to our terrific group of front lobby volunteers, who help welcome patients, families and visitors at the hospital.

Join our front lobby team! Shifts range from two to four hours, usually weekly. Volunteers on evening and weekends work independently and step up with their leadership skills.

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