Posted: November 22, 2016
Smart Pumps

Every year, patients at GRH receive more than 575,000 infusions of intravenous medication. High-quality care is vitally important in this area.

That’s why the team responsible for maintaining medication safety through infusion pumps has won GRH’s latest award of excellence for their efforts.

The pump continuous quality improvement (CQI) team includes representatives from pharmacy, nursing, administration, quality improvement and many other program areas. It came into place as GRH replaced its fleet of patient infusion pumps with new smart pumps across the organization.

The pumps are vital tools in making sure patients receive the right dose of intravenous medications, and that orders entered into the pumps don’t exceed pre-set limits. The implementation of the pumps was part of a $15 million medication safety plan put in place throughout the hospital.

The team was recognized for the following attributes:

  • Compassion: assisting program areas across the hospital to make sure staff feel supported in working with the new pumps while meeting patients’ individual needs;
  • Collaboration: involving and working with program areas to use the best data to continuously improve the safety of medication;
  • Positive attitude: their on-going work has continued to improve compliance targets across the entire organizations;
  • Professionalism: working together to add the latest information into the pumps, educating staff about changes, and meeting regularly to look for new ways to improve; and
  • Respect: always focusing on a patient safety and quality improvement approach whenever making changes with the pumps or reviewing incidents.

Thank you to all the members of the pump CQI team for their commitment to medication safety throughout GRH’s specialized programs and services.

Pumps Team