Posted: January 27, 2017
Aimh Team Award

Patients receiving mental health care can be hospitalized at a very difficult time in their lives.

Thankfully in Waterloo Region, they have the care and support of GRH’s adult inpatient mental health providers who have just won the hospital’s latest team award of excellence.

GRH offers acute inpatient mental health care at its KW Campus. Patients typically stay for shorter periods (an average of two weeks) until they can transition back to the community. A key goal for adult inpatient mental health staff is to make each patient’s stay a very good one and that they leave the hospital with a sense of empowerment.

The team was recognized for their work in meeting the hospital’s values in caring for patients:

Compassion: whenever there is a need on the unit, team members all pull together to make sure that the patient or family member is cared for. They are always there to reassure the individual that everything will be OK; the team is very supportive. They take unique and innovative ways to support patients and families.

Collaboration: the unit has a very inclusive team approach. Doctors, nurses, social workers and clinical secretaries together provide a seamless experience to bring the patient through their inpatient mental health experience. The team creates a smooth transition for patients and families as they move forward.

Positive attitude: the units follow the recovery model which is a hope-based model. This extends from a personal philosophy to a shared experience, instilling hope and empowerment for the patient. Care providers offer encouragement and demonstrate a team approach, always with a smiling face and a kind word.

Professionalism: theteam maintains the high standards of both Grand River Hospital and the respective colleges. Privacy and confidentiality are high priorities within our team. Colleagues take pride in their appearance, ensuring professional attire is blended with casual clothing to provide a more relaxed environment. This fosters confidential communication with a health care profession who is really a complete stranger.

The unit’s manager is always willing to discuss with the patients or their families any issues that might arise during their stay, also acting in accordance with the hospital and professional college standards.

Respect: patients come to the program with their needs and their difficult experiences. Care providers respect their privacy and show them that they are not there to judge them, but to keep them safe and help them return to optimum health.

Congratulations to the adult inpatient mental health unit staff! Thank you for your support of patients and families.

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