Posted: July 12, 2017
Enviro Services Surgery Award Of Excellence

Exceptional patient care at Grand River Hospital depends on an equally high level of support services.

That’s why the environmental services team working in GRH’s inpatient surgery unit has won the hospital’s award of excellence.

The team is responsible for cleaning the unit from top to bottom. As GRH provides 5,700 operations a year that require a hospital stay, team members are constantly busy preparing for new admissions.

The team’s nominator recognized the team for meeting the hospital’s values in the following ways:

Compassion: it is not uncommon to see team members running for a warm blanket, or attending to requests made by patients and family members. Prior to going on their breaks, team members will ask if a bed needs to be cleaned before they go. This helps avoid impeding the operating room or delaying a transfer from emergency.

Collaboration: inpatient surgery would be at a loss without this group of people.  The unit is extremely busy with on average 15 plus admissions per day; discharges can run from 10 to 20 on any given day. This group keeps the unit impeccably clean. They hold each other to very high standards. Once patients have been discharged, the rooms are thoroughly cleaned in preparation for a post-operative patient or admitting a patient from emergency. 

Their work ethic and thoroughness along with a high efficiency rate allows patient flow to run smoothly through our department which allows for patient flow throughout the hospital

Positive attitude: each team member shows pride in their work, is always smiling and ready to assist anyone who needs help.  As a nurse I feel supported immensely by this group of people, and they are one of the reasons why I enjoy working on this unit.  A great work ethic and a positive attitude are great attributes to have and, it’s contagious.

Professionalism: there is never a complaint to be heard, even on the busiest day. They ensure a clean and tidy environment which is acknowledged by both staff and patients.  On numerous occasions they have noticed infection control issues that need to be addressed, and report any concerns to the appropriate person. This is vital in the prevention of transmissions within the unit and the organization

Respect: team members collaboratively work with all members of the inpatient surgical unit to ensure that the unit runs well. They are a fantastic group of people who support and enhance the surgical program.

Congratulations to GRH’s environmental services team in inpatient surgery. Thank you for your hard work in support of exceptional surgical care.