Posted: May 5, 2017
Hand Washing

As we mark World Hand Hygiene Day, we’re happy to report solid numbers at GRH for care providers cleaning their hands.

Our latest audits show providers at our KW Campus cleaning their hands 93 per cent of the time before patient contact, and 97 per cent of the time after. At Freeport, providers have been audited cleaning their hands 91 per cent of the time before patient contact, and 93 per cent after. Both campuses have seen improvements from the previous year’s reporting.

Hand hygiene is one of the single best ways to prevent the spread of illness and infection. In addition to our work with care providers, GRH’s campuses are dotted with yellow alcohol rub stations that anyone is welcome to use at any time.

Please help us by being sure you clean your hands well throughout your hospital visit, whether you’re a patient or a visitor.  For the safety of our patients, we also recommend you avoid visiting if you have an illness like a cold, influenza or a stomach virus. All of these can be very hard for patients recovering from other illnesses or injures

Hand Washing

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