Posted: February 26, 2018
Medical Imaging Nurses Aoe

Nurses make vital contributions to patient care GRH’s medical imaging service, which provides more than 152,000 exams a year.

The six nursing staff members in medical imaging have won the hospital’s latest team award of excellence for their compassionate patient care and wide-ranging roles in the department.

Nurses work alongside radiologists and technologists to support and coordinate patient care. Their nominator recognized the nurses for meeting the hospital’s values in the following ways:

Compassion: medical imaging nurses demonstrate exceptional compassion every day to all patients. In medical imaging, we have several patients receiving biopsies and procedures that they are very nervous about. Our nurses prepare our patients, support them during procedures and communicate with their families about their care in medical imaging.

Collaboration: medical imaging is a very large department with a number of imaging modalities. A great deal of coordination happens between different testing disciplines and the professionals ordering testing. Medical imaging nurses collaborate with all of these people to provide the best patient care and ensure all appropriate testing has been done.

In addition to regular appointments, the medical imaging nurses are always paged and promptly available to assist with issues such as difficult intravenous starts and allergic reactions. As a technologist, I feel supported immensely by this group.

Positive attitude: medical imaging nurses staff are continually smiling. Medical imaging is incredibly busy. Patients have critical needs or are scared for their results. The positive attitude of the nurses makes a big difference to these patients and their families. Several patients in our CT and interventional suites recognize the nursing staff by name and request them.

Professionalism: medical imaging nurses are always readily available when nursing consults and expertise are required. The nurses help provide education about medical imaging needs not only to staff within the medical imaging department, but also those in other hospital program areas.

Respect: with medical decisions, there are many viewpoints and levels of understanding in patients, health care team members, and families. The medical imaging nurses speak with everyone with the utmost respect and dignity. They are encouraging, caring and welcome open conversations.

Congratulations to our medical imaging nurses and thank you for your work in one of the busiest departments of Grand River Hospital.