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Spiritual care

Spirituality is "…that part of each individual which longs for meaning, integrity, beauty, dignity, hope, love and acceptance." (from the VITAS hospice care definition)
Grand River Hospital offers a full-service spiritual care program, helping to meet the needs of patients, families, physicians, staff and volunteers.

Sometimes called chaplains, spiritual care providers work with all people--those connected with a faith community, those who find themselves without community, and those who find their support outside of a faith group. For a more detailed explanation of spiritual care's role in the hospital, click for a Word document outlining myths and facts about spiritual care services.
Click above to view a video celebrating the 10th anniversary of the KW Site sanctuary.

Multifaith worship spaces are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at both the KW and Freeport Sites. These are for patients, family and friends to use for meditation or quiet time alone. These rooms can also be used for weddings, funerals, memorial services, and other ceremonial functions, supporting patients who are currently admitted to the hospital.

Sanctuaries are centrally located at both hospital sites:
  • Freeport Site: 2nd floor, Village Centre (VC2)
  • KW Site: Follow 3B corridor towards the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre and turn right just past the cafeteria

Contacting spiritual care

If you would like the services of a spiritual care provider, ask any hospital staff to assist you in contacting us. You can also call our main extension 2142 with less urgent requests, or contact the on-call spiritual care provider through the hospital switchboard (dial ‘0’ on a house phone, or 519-749-4300 ext '0' from outside the hospital).  To reach us electronically, please e-mail our secretary, Diane Campagna, at diane.campagna@grhosp.on.ca.

You are welcome to visit us at our offices in the KW Site, 3C corridor, room 310, a space we share with volunteer resources. At the Freeport Site, you can find us at the Village Centre 2nd Floor swing space (not far from the Sanctuary).

Through a long-standing volunteer on-call program, a spiritual care provider, either staff or volunteer, is available 24 hours a day for emergency and crisis situations. In partnership with the local Roman Catholic Deanery and St. Mary’s General Hospital, there is also a Roman Catholic priest on-call for Sacramental emergencies at all times.

We have the equivalent of 4 full-time spiritual care staff at Grand River Hospital, as well as approximately 35 volunteers and over 300 credentialed local faith community leaders. All staff spiritual care providers and several of our volunteers are trained through the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC). You may find more information about the profession of spiritual care at the CASC website, http://www.spiritualcare.ca/.
Fostering spiritual connections
We believe that many spiritual practices are important to healing. Sometimes patients want a visit from their own spiritual leader or are seeking a particular religious ritual. At your request, we can help you contact spiritual resources and faith communities outside the hospital. Spiritual care providers can also help patients and families talk about their specific spiritual or religious needs and how these can best be met during the time in the hospital.
Some members of our on-call spiritual care team at GRH
Other resources
GRH has provided several documents in Adobe PDF format for spiritual care needs and services, along with several links to external websites. Click on the highlighted text to view these brochures and resources
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